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About Cluster

Lviv IT Cluster – community of the leading Lviv-based information technology (IT) companies, which aim to improve and develop IT industry in the city as well as in the country.

Providing value to businesses by services
and smart projects with inspired results.

We consider Lviv to be  city, where the biggest Ukrainian and international companies in the sphere of informational technologies and business-services are located, city that is comfortable to live and work in, city with the highest level of education in Ukraine.

To unite companies, Universities and local authorities for the implementation of projects with hight added value, quick results and systematic changes in business environment of the city.

What we do

We offer our partners a competitive market for outsourcing business processes and IT services. Our members are global companies providing highly qualified services for clients all over the world.

Join the most fast-growing IT Cluster in Eastern Europe

IT specialists work in industry
students graduate from local universities early
IT companies


Our Services :

Company registration

Outsourcing services

Lviv IT Cluster is one of the most fast growing clusters in Eastern Europe. Our companies provide highly qualified services in Mobile, UI&UX, SaaS&Cloud Computing, Software Architecture, Quality Assurance&Control, Game development, etc. We have more than 20 years of experience in Health Care, Banking&Finance, Security,
Logistics, Gaming&Entertainment and Government industries.

Please contact us to learn more about possibilities and our services.

Company localization support

Company localization

In 2009 audit and consulting company KMPG selected Lviv to be among the most potential cities for IT outsourcing in the upcoming future. Lviv is famous with its talented engineers and creative people.

We offer you to join the biggest IT Cluster in Eastern Europe.

Legal consulting

Company registration & tax consulting 

If you are thinking about opening office or development center for your company, we can provide you with necessary information about tax policy and company registration procedure. In case you have decided to open office in Ukraine, we can support you with all needed services and activities.

We offer you to join most growing Cluster in Eastern Europe.

Contact our office to learn more.

Access to UI/UX human resources

Access to human capital

Lviv IT Cluster has long-term cooperation with local Technical Universities. We found and participate in curriculum modernization projects and help our Universities to create modern educational projects for students. Last year together with Lviv Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University we opened Master Program in Technology Management for future c-level executives.

Our business network with educational organizations help us support our members and clients with highly educated and experienced human capital.

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Support & cooperation with local government 

Lviv IT Cluster is a cornerstone of Lviv Competitiveness Strategy approved in March 2010 by the Lviv City Council. Cluster participants receive a permanent representation of their interests in municipal authorities.

In addition, Cluster participating companies have the opportunity to influence the development of IT industry in Lviv through representation in Lviv Competitiveness Board.

Access to engineers

Access to local business community

We are not competing we cooperate. Participation in Cluster is a possibility to become a part of local IT business community, to get new useful contacts, experts, experience of doing local business and share the experience, etc. 35 IT companies all together acting for common interest – development of local IT market.


Lviv IT Cluster is a community which unites the most successful IT companies and carries out the most daring projects in promotion, education, infrastructure and business support.

We are a team of dedicated professionals and committed strategists.

Stepan Veselovskyi
Orysia Khimiak
PR Director,
Marta Romanyak
Natalya Ryzhanovska
Yaroslav Nazar
Project Manager,
Viktor Surkov
Project Manager,
Yuriy Ohonovskyi
Project Manager,
Viktoriya Ladanay
Project Manager,
Iryna Zubenko
SMM Manager,
Eveline Foubert
PR Assistant,
Khrystyna Maksymenko
Victoria Kravchenko
Khrystyna Martynyak
Project Manager,
Chad Zoratly
Project Manager,
Olya Maksym
Office Manager,
Andrew Pavliw
Board chairman, Serial entepreneur

«Our goal is to build the most comfortable conditions for it business development in our city. Lviv is the best city in eastern europe to find good partners and to build successfull projects. We are welcoming you to visit us

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Business Incubator
“Startup Depot”,
Lviv, Ukraine

Cell: 0800 300 331

EU office

0-027, 4a Lipova st,
Lublin, Poland

Cell +48 (22) 208 71 16

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