Lviv IT Tour 2015: How was it like!

Lviv IT Tour it is 5 days, 5 cities and more than 1000 participants. During the whole week IT Cluster’s team and professionals from leading IT companies were traveling on the huge bus visiting different Ukrainian cities to talk about the main IT trends and to share experience. They held dozens of interesting presentations, discussions and workshops in Vinnytsia, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa.

Lviv IT Tour is the true essence of trends, interesting speakers, exciting discussions, lectures, workshops, networking, entertainment and Lviv flavor. The atmosphere of every city did this event truly unique. Despite the fact that the tour lasted non-stop during five days, Lviv IT Tour proved to be exciting and very informative for the whole team. In each city, we were able to meet sincere lovers of IT and real virtuosos of their trade.

During Lviv IT Tour we communicated on the topic Embedded with Volodymyr Shymanskyy. Ivan Lavriv told us about young and elegant programming language Rust and Italian telecom specialist Kyivstar told about 3G communications in Ukraine.

From Andryi Chekh guests also learned about distribution applications and how to solve problems using tools from the Windows Azure. The duo of company EPAM Systems Alexander Pavlovsky and Pavlo Komenda spoke about marginal situations and subtleties of programming language JavaScript. Experienced teacher of Lviv Business School Natalka Shpot shared her experience with the audience, retelling about emotional intelligence, anger management in a relationship with the customer and of course how not to get lost in the endless expanse of IT industry. Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO of Lviv IT Cluster, talked about the development of IT industry in the city and about life of Lviv IT developers.

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After reports all guests could ask questions or just communicate with the speakers. Unchanged tradition in every town was a coffee break and networking. One of the main goals of Lviv IT Tour is the exchange of experience between cities and networking. It was very informative, because people from different cities could communicate and share experience in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. A live music from the band SUNS, which became a part of the team, brought a real flavor of Lviv in every city.

We didn’t forget about presents for our guests. During Lviv IT Tour many prizes were raffled, but the main of them were, of course, 5 tickets on Lviv IT Arena 2015. A raffle of the tickets became a separate attraction for the audience as it was very unpredictable and unique. To win a ticket one had to become a winner in the game “rock-paper-scissors”, which took place in front of the entire audience. That’s why each game was accompanied by frantic emotions, joy and applause. Now each of the 5 cities has a lucky one who is going to Lviv to visit Lviv IT Arena 2015.

We would like to express special thanks to our partners in each city who helped us to organize this unique event:
Vinnytsia: Devrain, Ciklum, Vinnystia IT Academy, Woman who code, Vinbazar
Kyiv: IHUB, IT Education Kyiv, IT expert,, Kyiv website
Kharkiv: Sigma, Altexsoft, Oracle academy, Source IT, Kharkiv website, Dataart,, Dev Time, Сonformato
Dnipropetrovsk: I coworking HUB, I business incubator, Inovataion Box, ITEM,,, Dnipropetrovsk website 056. ua, Dnepr. com, IT School Hillel International, Indigo
Odessa: Geekslab, IT School Hillel International, Sigma, Wannabiz, Odessa website,, Dataart, GUID