IT Club: Top 8 Lviv Stores with Brand Clothes

21 Mar, 2017

Spring is the best time to lend some colors to your wardrobe. It might be difficult, so we decided to help you and created a list of the best trendy stores where you can get an IT Club discount.

Open Store

openClothes and accessories from Ukrainian designers. Open Store has opened just a few months ago, but have already become a favorite spot for hundreds of Ukrainian fashionistas, who like stylish and comfortable clothes. The store includes not only women’s clothes – there is everything needed for a trendy men’s look too. Apart from clothes, there is a great selection of handbags and backpacks, shoes, sunglasses and jewelry. What is more important, all goods that are on display at Open Store, are produced in Ukraine.

Address: Ivana Fedorova St., 8

Discount for IT Club members: 10%



Ukrainian designer brand of women’s clothes. Incredible femininity is what differentiates it. If you like cute dresses, skirts and pants that accentuate your figure, – you will most likely like Navna. By the way, the brand has just recently started a new line for girls, so now you can have matching looks with your daughter or sister.

Address: Oleksandra Fredra St., 6

Discount for IT Club members: 10%

Rhizome Store


Again designer clothes and again everything is made in Ukraine. Wearing Ukrainian clothes has been in trend recently, hasn’t it? Ukrainian designers are constantly proving that they know how to make stylish high-quality goods, that are not worse, or sometimes even better than clothes in shopping malls. If you want to look marvelous every day, Rhizome Store with its smart casual is ready to help you. Furthermore, there is a free delivery throughout Ukraine.

Address: Brativ Rohatynsiv St., 24

Discount for IT Club members: 10%


flammaIf you are a fan of individuality, then Flamma is definitely for you. The designer from the studio will easily create the perfect dress, jacket or skirt (as well as any other item of clothing). These clothes will be sewn for you individually, taking into account all features of your body, while the designer will help you to choose the best style and fabric.

Address: Vesniana St., 4

Discount for IT Club members: 5%

Like by look

likeA multi-brand store with has thousands of items of clothing and accessories for women and men. Following the good tradition, there are only Ukrainian clothes on display. You can shop either at the store in Lviv, or in the internet-store which offers free delivery. Moreover, Like by look has an incredibly interesting blog about fashion.

Address: Kopernyka St., 28

Discount for IT Club members: 10%



Here you can find quality accessories from Ukrainian brands. Many of them are handmade, which makes this store even more special. Sklad offers a wide range of bags and backpacks, wallets and cardholders, colourful socks and hats. The best quality is guaranteed.

Address: Drohobycha St.,

Discount for IT Club members: 5-7% (depending on the product)

Impero Uomo


There is a stereotype that only woman follow the latest fashion trends. Impero Uomo – an Italian menswear store is a partner of IT Club. Here you can find elegant and high-quality clothes that will suit both for everyday life and for formal meetings and parties.

Address: Soborna Sq., 14; Kulparkivska St., 226

Discount for IT Club members: 10%

Primo Emporio

primoOne more store of Italian menswear. Their clothes highlight the men’s individuality and create a comfortable everyday look. You can also choose from a great selection of shoes, while stylists working in the store will help you to harmoniously combine everything and tell everything about any item.

Address: Pid Dubom St., 7B

Discount for IT Club members: 10%

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