IT Jet: How Air Travel in Lviv will Improve

16 Mar, 2017

During the last month, Lviv has witnessed a series of positive changes in the sphere of air travel. In particular, the world’s biggest low-cost airlines Wizz Air and Ryanair have announced about the start of cooperation with Lviv International Airport. Let’s learn how this will effect the development of Lviv IT industry.

According to Stepan Veselovskyi Lviv IT Cluster CEO, there is a huge need for new destinations in Lviv:

The fact that key players in the airline world will be operating from Lviv – is a positive tendency for the IT industry and the city in general. Now, IT professionals will be able to communicate with clients, 98% of which are from abroad, much faster and more conveniently. We hope that this trend will continue, and that very soon we will be enjoying new flight destinations as well as welcome other airlines in our city”.

In the near future, Lvivites will be able to benefit from 7 new flights. Yesterday, on March 15, one of the biggest budget airlines Ryanair confirmed that it will start operating from Ukraine. Already in the end of October – in the beginning of November 2017 there will be flights from Lviv to: Krakow, Wroclaw, Berlin, Budapest, Eindhoven, London, and Memmingen. The tickets are already available. Until the end of the day, you can purchase tickets for as low as 19,99 €.

Wizz Air has also recently announced about the new route – Lviv-Berlin. The first flight will take place on June 18. Moreover, on April 13, another Wizz Air flight will be launched. On Saturdays and Tuesdays, there will be a direct connection with Wroclaw.

Despite visible improvements in the sphere of air travel, several problems remain, notes Stepan Veselovskyi. Mainly, there are no direct flights to the USA from Lviv. However, this is a very important destination since half of the clients of Lviv IT companies live there.

This is exactly why we started IT Jet project, which is very relevant at the moment. We have synergy with Lviv City Council, all of us understand the urgent need for a quality infrastructure in Lviv. We are very happy that local authorities are working on attracting new airlines to the city, and will gladly contribute – our ultimate goal is to make Lviv easily accessible from practically any place in the world”.

Let us remind you, IT Jet – is a project of Lviv IT Cluster, which aims to destroy the air travel barrier in Lviv. The first stage of the project is already completed – a study about flights conducted by IT employees. It was found that for comfortable work with business partners what they lack the most – are direct flights to the USA and the UK.

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