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21 Dec, 2016

The construction of IT House is on the finish line. In just a year a modern house has been built completely from scratch. However, this is not the end of the project: its expansion and new infrastructure changes are planned – projects IT House 2.0, IT House Premium and IT Village.

In autumn 2015 the construction of IT House has begun. Already now a 10-storey house with spacious balconies, great viewing area, terrace, underground parking and community rooms stands at J. Lennon Street. Now some of the minor renovations are being done – finishing the exterior and connecting the communications. Already in spring, the residents will be able to move in.

The greatest achievement of this project is not only the house itself but the community of friendly neighbors. That is exactly what differentiates IT House from dozens of other houses located in the city: its residents know each other, spend time together and make decisions together regarding the house. Future neighbours have often gathered to discuss some of the current issues of the house – as soon as they move in, they will be able to spend leisure together as well. Special community rooms had been created at the house for this.


IT House project aimed to solve the problem of lack of quality housing in Lviv. However, only one house won’t solve the problem. Thus, with support from Lviv City Council work on infrastructure projects will be continued.

As the mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyi has stated at E-governance Forum he will continue to support infrastructure projects of IT-industry and facilitate the allocation of free land for construction.

According to Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO at Lviv IT Cluster active infrastructure changes of the city – is a huge contribution of Lviv IT industry to the city’s development.

We have realized that since IT is the fastest developing industry in Lviv, it should engage in infrastructure projects. Annual growth of the industry is 20%, which means that the demand for new housing will also grow. We are looking ahead and, therefore, planning a few large-scale infrastructure projects”.

IT House 2.0

Now IT House – is not just one block of apartments, but 3 separate dwellings. Let’s be a bit more precise. IT House 2.0 will be the first project. As it usually happens in future versions of anything, this house will be better than the previous one. However, the most important will remain unchanged: this house will also be focused on Lviv IT specialists and will be something more than simply a place for an overnight stay. Therefore, the new edition of IT House will also be a friendly community which will celebrate holidays together and organize movie nights from time to time. It is planned that around 80% of residents will be IT employees.

In a few years IT House network will expand, so every area of Lviv will have its own IT-house. You already have a chance to pre-book accommodation in one of them. YYour pre-reservation will influence in which area the first construction will start. To pre-book an apartment at IT House and choose the best location for yourself, please fill in the form by pressing the button below.

Pre-book an apartment at IT House 2.0

IT House Premium

IT House Premium – is the next project. It will be built in the vicinity to the future IT Park (the area of Stryiska St. and UCU) where offices of the largest Lviv IT companies will be located. This place will be sparkling with people who are creating the future.


This is a great location since it is easily accessible from the city center, the railway station, and the airport. Larger apartments and their smaller number, as well as higher comfort, spacious terraces and underground parking – is what will differentiate this project from the others.

We have started a pre-booking for IT House Premium as well. If you are looking for your dream apartment, seems like you have already found it. IT House Premium will surprise you with innovative solutions and individual approach to every client.

Pre-book an apartment at IT House Premium

IT Village

The third project – IT Village. This will be a cottage settlement located in the suburbs of Lviv. We have built the concept on the classical “American village” – where the comfort – is the ultimate philosophy. That is why, the future settlement will consist of comfortable and spacious cottages, as well as convenient infrastructure – school, kindergarten, shops, gym etc. The aim of IT Village – to unite successful people and create a friendly community. These people will be able not only to spend leisure together but plan and dream as well.


If you are planning to move out of the city in the future, IT Village is exactly what you need. To pre-book a cottage, follow the link.

Pre-book a cottage at IT Village

If you have any questions, please contact the project consultant Maryana Mavdryk:, 0800 300 331.

Let’s develop infrastructure in our city together!