17 June 00:09 Dnipro

ITEM-2017: Problem Solving Conference on IT-business development in Dnipro on June 17-18.

It’s the fifth year ITEM Conference will take place and in 2017 around 1000 developers, PMs, QAs and IT-business managers from all over Ukraine are going to attend it, these are all those people who are interested in developing a quality IT product.

The program of the conference is scheduled for two days. On the first day you have a chance to attend reports in three streams and seven networking formats with speakers and participants, and on the second day, you are to attend practical workshops to your personal liking. A traditional afterparty with a free bar this year is a party to celebrate a birthday, as the conference is taking place for the fifth time this year.

Reports on conflict of interests in IT: terms, quality, sales.

This year ITEM presents a new concept of the program, all reports are devoted to issues which are related to all team members. Conflicts between Sales and PM, РМ and developers, problems with rates and owners’ estimates are run in three streams BUSINESS & SALES, PROCESSES & PROJECTS, DEVELOPMENT & QUALITY

Top speakers from the USA, Europe and all large-scale Ukrainian IT companies.

The first speakers of ITEM conference: sabotage in projects, informal structures and the crisis of existing approaches.

Speakers of the conference:

Aleksandro Grabulov,Director Innovation Lead at Philips

Sebastian Siseless, international director in

Victor Haydin, Vice-President in Marketing and Sales of Intellias company, a teacher-trainer in Business Development at Lviv IT School (“Strategy” module).
Olena Zanichkovskaya, co-founder, director of Product Strategy and Marketing Department in Gradient. 
For more experts go to the conference website.

News 2017: Unique networking formats.

Networking will take place not only at speech presentations, breaks, lunch times and coffee breaks but also at new formats of discussions.

Here are several of networking formats this year:

  • Analysis of topical practical cases;
  • A speech bar without ties;
  • Business mafia;
  • Business games according to soft skills.

Speakers and participants will be discussing topical issues of the market and will be searching for solutions to complicated questions: head hunting, conflicts and mass relocation of developers from the country.

Networking  – all key characters of Ukrainian ІТ-market and historical personalities.

During the last five years bright personalities of Ukrainian IT have visited ITEM:

  • Directors and managers of big outsourcing branches such as Luxoft, SoftServe, Ciklum, DataArt
  • Among speakers, there were representatives of the most prominent world companies in the area of information technologies – Google, Microsoft, Spotify, Lenovo, Oracle, WIX, TemplateMonster and Wargaming
  • Organizers of all-Ukrainian conferences and educational initiatives Stepan Veselovskiy (Lviv IT Cluster), Lina Shishkina (Agilee), Dmytro Mindra, Pavlo Obod (Outsource People), Vitaliy Khit’
  • Representatives of product ІТ-companies such as  WIX, Esputnik,
  • Media representatives and renowned Max Ischenko, Anna Stetsenko. The list is endless.

ITEM gathers those who know and implement the trends of ІТ-market. Join the leaders in ІТ!

For the first visitors from Lviv IT Cluster there is a 15% discount with the promo code ITEM4Cluster, currently, there are 20 tickets available.

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