Internet of Things Program at Lviv Polytechnic awaits students


Internet of Things is an area that allows implementing such concepts as “smart house” or “smart city” and combines programming and devices. Now, Lviv offers the students to learn this sphere immediately after high school; thanks to the  joint work of Cluster members and Lviv Polytechnic, Bachelor’s program on Internet of Things will launch in September.

The project’s inspirer Zenoviy Veres says the program is unique since it was designed by experts-practitioners. Zenoviy works at SoftServe, and also teaches at the department of Computerized Automatic Systems at Lviv Politechnic. This is the department to be transformed for the young professionals.”

It is the first project to innovate the program of educating Bachelors to combine the needs of employers and the university potential. Our students need a push that will motivate them to realize their ideas, and our program will be this push,» explains Zenoviy. The program is the pilot project in the Ukrainian education, and focuses on renewed classes starting the first year of learning.1235512_631486873577188_543045854_nIT companies are looking for professionals who can implement projects in the field of Internet of Things. That is the reason Zenoviy suggested updating the educational program. “With the support of Lviv IT Cluster CEО Stepan Veselovskyi, SoftServe co-founder Taras Kytsmey, the head of the department Adrian Nakonechnyi, LITS, and Lviv Politechnic Rector Yuriy Bobalo, the idea became a reality. The program is being developed with the help of SoftServe leading experts who will remain involved in the educational process,” explains Zenoviy. Representatives of Computer Science Program at UCU also helped the program with consultations.

“Global companies are actively working in the sphere of IoT, where they expect to have 26 billion devices by 2020,” says the Department Head Adrian Nakonechnyi. The rise in popularity is among the reasons to study this area. “IT companies need professionals who can immediately integrate into work after university, and are ready to practice. Our department is quite close to the hardware of this program, and thanks to the renewal, we can train specialists the companies need,” he concludes.
IMG_8786Rector Yuriy Bobalo considers the program very timely because it will train specialists in this field and develop such directions as smart things. He adds: “The program is very innovative since it includes many new courses, and we plan to have experts from IT companies as teachers. This way, we want to further upgrade IT education in Lviv Polytechnic and train professionals who will be highly valued when starting a career in IT.”

The program combines three components: programming, hardware, and communication between the devices and applications. There is also a number of classes that are necessary for each developer such as teamwork, presentation skills, software lifecycle, economics, and IT management. The program includes training for students in Lviv IT Cluster companies with further employment opportunities.Веселовський С.

“Lviv IT Cluster promotes innovative and quality education so more young people gain the necessary skills and get involved with the industry,» says Lviv IT Cluster CEO Stepan Veselovskyi. He adds: “Lviv needs a lot of young professionals to develop the sector and the city as IT hub. That’s why we joined the project and contribute to its implementation.”

Thanks to the cooperation, the program will launch on September, 1, and now, it awaits talented students.