IT employees united
companies and institutions involved

Cluster works in main areas: promotion, education (human capital), infrastructure (quality of life), business support and development.

We also explore new promising areas related to future technologies and international cooperation.

IT Arena

Lviv IT Arena – project which unites over 2500 developers, entrepreneurs, inverstors, top-managers, BAs, designers, programmers and startuppers to discuss main IT trends. This conference bring together more than 100 oustanding speakers and take place at modern stadium – Arena Lviv.

Futureland Festival

Futureland Festival – is a festival of electronic music and technology. Annually it unites a few thousand of tech-lovers. It is a place where people who create the future meet.

IT Jazz

Lviv IT Jazz Conference is a C-level networking event, that unites major IT, investment, and business representatives. The conference creates a platform for communication between IT companies, financial funds, and the government. The event is a unique opportunity to listen to three streams about infrastructure, investments, and joint IT projects while networking and attending jazz concerts afterwards.

IT House

The brand new building specially designed for employees of IT industry and based on the original project. Local authorities have allocated for IT House a plot of land in the comfortable area of the city.

IT Park

Innovation District IT Park – a project that proves that Lviv IT industry is ready not only to consume, but also create new infrastructure for the city. IT Park will become a center for development of Lviv IT industry with everything needed to meet the needs of business environment: including business centers and offices for more than 10 000 IT specialists. Moreover, there will be hotels for their business partners, a university campus with modern labs, a kindergarten, a fitness center and a shopping mall.

IT Jet

IT Jet – an ambitious project aimed to increase the number of flights operating from Lviv. Right now Lviv International Airport has a very limited number of flights – you have to transfer either in Kyiv or Warsaw for most destinations. We have conducted a survey among representatives of Lviv IT companies and asked them where they fly the most frequently. The survey showed that the lack of connections with certain countries hinders their business interests. IT Jet aims to demolish the air travel barrier towards faster development of IT in Lviv.

IT Club

Lviv IT Club is the biggest and most influential IT community in Lviv.  IT Club card gives you the possibility to participate in the Club’s projects as well as thoroughly enjoy the benefits of the membership of your company in Lviv IT Cluster. It will also grant you discounts on products and services in the businesses that are Club’s partners (more than 150 Partners).

IT Future

IT Future is an educational project of Lviv IT Cluster. It aims to tell school children about the world of IT industry.  Specialists of Lviv IT Custer member companies  visit schools to talk about the main features of their profession and also to interest students in information technologies.

IT Expert

IT Expert – is one of the main educational initiatives of Lviv IT Cluster. This project aims to modernize education at Lviv universities. It involves cooperation between teachers at universities and experienced IT employees from companies which are Cluster members. We do our best to prepare students according to the demands and needs of IT market.

IT Challenge

IT Challenge – school IT competition for talented students organized by Lviv IT Cluster, Lviv Сity Сouncil and Lviv Polytechnic National University. For 3 years in a row, Lviv IT Cluster has been granting a scholarship for the winner and a new computer lab for the winning school.

Bachelor’s Program “Internet of Things”

Bachelor’s program “Internet of Things” is a pilot educational program in Ukraine that combines the requirements of employers and educational potential. Nowadays IoT sphere is one of the major global trends. Graduates of the program will be the specialists with practical knowledge in IoT area, internship in IT companies and professional English. They will be ready to fulfill the requirements of IT industry.

IT Research

IT Research is a large-scale and unique research of the IT market in Lviv. Having interviewed over 400 IT professionals we gathered accurate information about the market share, its geography and potential. We created a portrait of an average IT guy in Lviv, found out his salary and interests. The margin of error does not exceed 4,8%.