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Bachelor’s Program “Internet of Things”

Bachelor’s Program at Lviv Polytechnic National University


Internet of Things (IoT) – the sphere that allows us to implement such concepts as “smart house” or “smart city”. IoT combines work with both programming and devices. Today prospective students have an opportunity to learn this industry in Lviv right after school. Owing to the joint work of Lviv IT Cluster members and Lviv Polytechnic the Bachelor’s Program “Internet of Things” is waiting for its students in September.

Compiling of the program is made with the participation of leading experts from Lviv IT Cluster member companies. They will also be involved in the educational process. Students will study new subjects from the first year of studying.

The program provides students with the internship in Lviv IT Cluster companies with the opportunity of further employment.

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Project goals

Our goal is to prepare a specialist who can:

  • Create a new device
  • Connect smart devices to the integrated system
  • Implement exchange of information between such devices
  • Program the device so that it can interact with the environment
  • Develop software for interaction of customers and intelligent devices using computers, tablets and mobile phones
  • Deliver information to the consumer in the most intelligible way.

peculiarities of studying

From the first year of studying the students will study specialized subjects. The programs of such leading technical universities as MIT, Berkley, Harvard University were used as an example for compiling the new subjects.

One-third of the subjects are completely new disciplines which are going to be taught with the assistance of IT specialists.

The program consists of three components: programming, hardware and communication between devices and applications. Also, there is a number of subjects that are essential for the future software developer.

Studying includes students’ work in teams on their own projects during the term. This will help them not only to immerse themselves in real work but also will give an opportunity to prove their knowledge in practice.

Special emphasis of the course will be dedicated to the improvement of students’ English. For this purpose, reports, projects’ presentations and defense of Bachelor’s thesis will be performed exclusively in English.


Lviv IT Cluster supports talented students of the program. Thanks to Lviv IT Cluster member companies three students will be able to get scholarships. In this way we promote the development of IT education and progressive direction IoT.

Lviv IT Cluster scholarship includes:

  • Full coverage of tuition fees for Bachelor Program “Internet of Things” during the four years of studying
  • The possibility of internship and gaining experience in leading IT companies of the city.

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