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Lviv IT Cluster together with sociological agency “Fama” conducted a large-scale and unique research of the IT market in Lviv – IT Research. In order to develop IT in the city, we should know and estimate its needs and size properly.

We have interviewed over 400 IT specialists and gathered analytical data. We created a portrait of an average IT guy/girl in Lviv. We found out his/her salary, interests and even what Lviv IT professional in general is saving money for.


The main purpose of the research is to study and analyze the share of the IT market in Lviv’s economy, its potential and geography. IT Research helped create a general picture and determine weaknesses and strengths of Lviv IT.



Lviv-based IT companies have been analyzed
directors of IT companies have been interviewed
IT-specialists have been polled according to the representative sample
The maximum sampling error
requests for public information were submitted to specialized institutions
hours of research results processing.


Lviv is a city of IT opportunities!

15000+ professionals work in IT in Lviv

15% of Ukrainian IT people work in Lviv

20% predicted annual growth in the industry

60 out of 1000 working population in Lviv are employed in ITі

4106 specialists in IT graduate from Lviv educational establishments each year

192 IT companies are located in Lviv

90% of the directors of IT companies consider Lviv to be a good place for business

83.3% of the owners plan to invest into the expansion of their business

Portrait of IT specialist

48,3% - get their skills during work in UT

56% are software developers

18,7% IT specialists work over their own startup

$1736 is the median salary in Lviv IT market

  • Average age – 26 years
  • 23% – women in IT
  • 77% – men in IT








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S. Korea





Hong Kong




More than 20 experts from different industries evaluated the market and its potential. Most of them are professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry.

The experts were owners or prominent figures in the IT companies with different background and business experience (varying company size, business-model, primary capital origin etc).

Additionally, the professionals from adjacent sectors, such as investment consulting, business education, IT business and management, macroeconomics, business-decisions sphere and HR management were involved to provide a more complete picture.

Andrew Pavliv
CEO & Co-Founder at N-iX, Lviv IT Cluster Chairman

"Concerning existing trends, this industry will continue to grow further, it is possible that there will be joined projects with local authorities, companies will continue investing in the education because staff scarcity is still there – growth rates outpace the natural development of those professionals who can become available on the market. Also it is a positive thing that there are plans to build a technopark as well as appearance of new innovative projects and specialized locations accommodating them."

Taras Kytsmey
Co-Founder & Board Member, SoftServe

"The situation in Lviv will improve even under current conditions. Companies have adapted, so the market will grow on level maybe even higher than average across Ukraine. Just look at Israel for example – with war never stopping the economy is flourishing."

Ivan Babichuk
Vice President, Limelight Networks

"I believe that in Lviv some highly favorable conditions have been created thanks to the strong community and the clear plan for the development of the city as the IT hub which in its current state does need little to no additional PR. A significant advantage of the IT market in Ukraine is the number of companies that create a competitive environment which in turn gives engineers the possibility to choose a good company where they can grow professionally and have comfortable working conditions."

Andriy Hankevych
Chief Global Strategist, Eleks

"The main factor influencing the state of the IT industry is the political situation in the country. If it will improve or remain stable - there are prospects for a positive growth dynamics of the IT market. Two trends will be competing in Lviv. First – the number of companies will increase; more companies from the east and south of Ukraine will relocate to Lviv. Second - the companies will grow through mergers or acquisitions. In any case, we will see the growth of the industry soon."

Stepan Veselovskyi
Lviv IT Cluster, CEO

"We realized that there were no attempts to analyze Lviv’s IT market before. The research is very timely as it provides an opportunity to asses risks the industry might face, its potential, possible venues for development and to understand the market structure. Accuracy is at the core of the research with the statistical error being below 5%. So anyone who looks at the report can deduct how Lviv IT works relying on the figures and assesments by experts with many years of experiance. I am convinced that no matter who reads it they will find it interesting to examine who is an IT specialist in Lviv, what makes him tick and how he upgrades himself. IT research gives a chance to see the industry from within. That is its distinctive feature"


  • A third part of Lviv IT companies sales structure is European market
  • Plans for growth in Lviv IT companies range from + 10% to + 300%
  • 88,4 % of Lviv IT companies work due to outsourcing business model
  • There are 4 big, 16 medium-sized, 99 small and 73 micro IT companies in Lviv.
  • A half of Lviv IT specialists are working in Lviv IT Cluster member companies
  • The turnover of Lviv IT industry is 14,4% of city GRP
  • 1120 Big Macs can be bought by an average IT professional in Lviv for a monthly income (Big Mac Index for Ukraine is $ 1.55)
  • There are from 7567 to 8487 software developers in Lviv
  • Getting to work in average takes Lviv IT specialist 26 minutes
  • Lviv IT specialist drinks coffee from 1 to 9 times a day
  • 48,1 % of respondents would prefer electric car to any other types of cars
  • 7 out of 10 IT specialists traveled abroad
  • 48,8 % of Lviv IT CEOs evaluate the competitiveness of Lviv IT companies in the US market as very high



If you want to get more detailed information on the research results, you can download it here.

Information you will find in the research:

  • Structure of the IT market in Lviv
  • Characteristics of the IT market in Lviv
  • Human capital: actual and potential
  • Social portrait of an IT specialist in Lviv
  • Lviv IT industry evaluation: possible threats, influence factors, possibilities
  • City in brief: dissecting the municipal economy

IT Research will provide you with analytical and unique information about entire IT market in Lviv: it’s size, potential, trade geography and facts which can influence it!

N.B.IT Research project is a dynamic research of Lviv IT market. The data is being constantly added and updated. The latest version of the research can always be found on the website of Lviv IT Cluster. Previous versions may contain incomplete or outdated information.




Orysia Khimiak
Project Manager

If you have any questions, suggestions or wish to contribute to the project? Please, cоntact me!

FAQ on the project

  • How did you get the data?

    The research methodology is complex, so to make the results as true as possible we used the following information gathering methods: expert analytical interviews, face-to-face interviews with the directors of IT companies, online survey of IT specialists according to the representative sample, statistical data gathering using appropriate requests, web research for data check.

  • Are the research results trustworthy?

    The information gathered was subject to case cross-analysis. The research design is the result of using scientific approaches, which have been used for many years in marketing research and proved their effectiveness. The representative sample for IT specialists’ survey is based on the data from the IT companies about the number and the division of positions in each company. Therefore, we proportionally covered big, medium and small companies, taking their business-model into account.

  • Who are the client and the contractor for the project?

    Lviv IT Research has been conducted by Lviv IT Cluster together with sociological agency “Fama”. IT Cluster owns the research results. Information provided by companies and individuals is confidential and is presented in generalized form for analytical purposes only.

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