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IT Challenge

School Competition for students interested in tech

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IT Challenge winners:

2014 – Roman Moysieyev, Mykhaylo Kaskun (school-gymnasium “Sykhivska”)
2015 – Yuriy Danilovskyi and Andriy Yuskevych (school №77)
2016 – Andriy Zavoyko (Lviv Gymnasium “Yevshan”)
2017 – Maksym Varnakov (school-gymnasium “Sykhivska”)
2018 – Yurii Kalichun (Lviv SEC school-gymnasium )
2019 – Oleksandr Oglashennyj (school №9)

IT Challenge takes place in 3 stages, and everyone studying at 5-11 grade can participate. In the first stage (October) students register and take an online test. After checking the test results (December), the best students will proceed to the next stage. The third stage consists of preparation and a presentation of a creative project (April).

Awarding ceremony takes place in May. Traditionally, Lviv IT Cluster grants the winner with a scholarship, and the winning school gets a brand-new computer lab.

IT Challenge – school IT competition for talented students organized by Lviv IT Cluster, Lviv Сity Сouncil and Lviv Polytechnic National University. For 6 years in a row, Lviv IT Cluster has been granting a scholarship for the winner and a new computer lab for the winning school.

The main aim of the project – to inspire young talents to study IT and develop their skills. Furthermore, the competition promotes learning Math and English.

  • Promoting studying IT among the youth
  • Developing the spirit of competition among young talents
  • Improving the quality of teaching Math and English
  • Establishing cooperation between universities and schools

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