IoT Students Received Presidential Scholarships

On November 13, the most talented school students were awarded by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and received Presidential Scholarships. Among them – three students of Internet of Things degree program, which Lviv IT Cluster launched at Lviv Polytechnic National University.

This year, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has chosen 270 school students for the Presidential Scholarships. 150 students are the winners of All-Ukrainian School Olympiads in academic subjects and 120 have won the contest of scientific research of Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Among the scholarship winners – three students of IoT program – Anna Manko, Taras Bilous, Mykhailo Hurskyi.

I’ve received the Presidential Scholarship because I won the IV stage of All-Ukrainian IT Olympiad. I participated in this competition already a few times, so this time I was lucky to win the first place, it’s a great motivation for me to work further” – tells Anna Manko, the first year student at IoT.

After winning the regional Olympiad, I participated in All-Ukrainian Astronomy Olympiad, where I won the second-degree certificate and even was invited to join Ukrainian team for the International Astronomy Olympiad. Unfortunately, this competition took place in Russia, and Ukraine refused to participate because of political reasons. But I was glad because I’ve received my first Presidential Scholarship. For the next two years, I was also the winner of this Olympiad with the second-degree certificate. This is why I received my second Presidential Scholarship” – explains Taras Bilous, the first year student at IoT.

The students will get the 2600 UAH scholarship monthly during the whole school year.

In Ukraine, every year around 3 million students participate in All-Ukrainian School Olympiads, 2 thousand of them compete in finals and half of them gets the winners’ certificates with I, II and III degree. Around 100 000 students participate in All-Ukrainian Competition of Scientific Research of Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine every year.

On behalf of Lviv IT Cluster, the IoT students gave the certificate of appreciate to Liliya Hrynevych, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine for the help in launching the degree program in IoT at Lviv Polytechnic National University.