ABTO Software розпочинає програму стажування із Computer Vision

27 May 12:00 ABTO Software main office, Lviv

Computer Vision Educational Program, a project of ABTO Software, invites the students of 3rd, 4th, 5th or postgraduates of math, physics, computer science or related departments and all the others interested in Computer Vision, Image Processing and Machine Learning to join the course.

The lectures will take place in a newly designed and comfortable ABTO Software main office in Lviv. The detailed and interesting training program is coordinated by experienced Computer Vision, Image Processing and Machine Learning lecturers.

The overall goal of the course is to provide the students with the detailed theoretical and practical information on Computer Vision in a short-term, to give them a chance to work in a real business environment with further employment opportunity.

Computer Vision is the right course to attend due to a number of reasons:

  • CV has proven to be in demand over the last years
  • There is the constant demand in the areas in which it can be used (automotive, sports & entertainment, consumer & mobile, robotics & machine vision, medical, security & surveillance)
  • According to the statistical data and forecasts there will be growing need for CV development
  • CV is open to the emergence of new applications as well as new industry participants

ABTO Software offers extensive technical expertise and has Сomputer Vision department that provides advanced image processing and video analysis solutions. The experienced team of PhDs and engineers is ready to solve complex problems and bring the ideas to life. They have already developed own solutions for counting any moving object with 95% accuracy, Blood Cells Recognition Solution, Face Detection and Recognition solution, 3D Model Reconstruction Solution, Image Matching Solution, a universal application for Handwritten Text Detection.

Our experts are ready to share their knowledge and experience with the bright students!


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