10 Places with Tasty Food and Good Coffee from IT Club

18 Jul, 2017

More and more new restaurants and cafes join IT Club, the loyalty program for Lviv IT Cluster members. This time, in our new list – 10 new restaurants, cafes, and bakeries with tasty food, snacks, coffee, and desserts.

Bilka bakery

Bilka is a place with the amazing smell of freshly baked sweet treats. Here you can enjoy a breakfast with the lovely view of the old town. Bilka offers salty and sweet quiches, classical and season cakes, cupcakes and cookies, macaroons and fruit pies. Besides sweet treats, there are also traditional breakfasts, cream soups, salads, etc on the menu. The bakery is child-friendly, it has a special kid’s menu, as well as small tables for kids with toys.

Address: Shopping Mall Roksolana, 4th floor
IT Club member discount: 10%


Virmenka is the well-known coffee place in Lviv, which specializes on the Turkish coffee. Here you can find the locals drinking coffee and discussing the latest city news. This coffee place also offers a great variety of cocktails and desserts.

Address: Virmenska, st., 19
IT Club member discount: 10%


SAUCE (Sous) café is a place, where the bar successfully combines with the delicious cuisine. It specializes in drinks and grilled dishes. Here you can try a big variety of alcohol cocktails and order delicious snacks as well as the main course dishes. The cafe also positions itself as an ideal place for meetings with friends, where you can smoke a shisha and listen to electronic music. Sauce often organizes DJ sets.

Аddress: Rynok Square,29 (Andreolli Passage)
IT Club member discount: 5%


Chizi is a place for real cheese lovers, which specializes on Philadelphia cheesesteaks. Also on the menu – breakfasts, cream soups, chicken wings. The most important thing is that everyone serves and prepares a meal for you very quickly, so Chizi is a place where you can come being very hungry.

Аddress: S. Bandery St., 45
IT Club member discount: 5%

Casa Leone (
Italian Yard)

Casa Leone is a restaurant located in the so-called Italian yard in the heart of Lviv city center. It’s a place where you can try Italian cuisine and feel like you are in Italy. You can find traditional dishes, desserts, ice cream and, of course, a very good Italian coffee on the menu.

Аddress: Rynok Square, 6
IT Club members discount: 5% if you order for more than 500 UAH


Agrus is not a traditional bakery because here you can find tasty no-bake sweet treats, which will not harm your health. On the menu – amazing desserts: no-bake cakes, strawberry gazpacho, energy bars, handmade yogurts, and ice cream.

Address: Virmenska St., 30/1
IT Club member bonus: free oatmeal cookies if you order any drink – tea, coffee, juice, smoothie or milk

The GAME Lounge

The GAME Lounge – is a zone with a cocktail bar, games, and European cuisine. The best place for spending a quality time with friends. The place offers table games, watching football matches, shisha as well as tasty food and drinks.

Address: Heroiv UPA St., 77
IT Club member discount: 6% for everything, 10% for business lunches (12-4 pm) and free entrance to the parties

Baczewski restaurant

Baczewski restaurant is dedicated to the history of Baczewski family which was producing vodka back in the last century. The restaurant offers not only strong alcohol but also a huge variety of home-made liqueurs (more than 80) and new Galician cuisine. The restaurant experiments with the traditional dishes, and cooks them in a new modern way.

Address: Shevska St., 8
IT Club member bonus: free 50 ml of a liqueur

Zhovtyi Vislyuk. Meat
& Falafel

Zhovtyi Vislyuk offers different meat dishes cooked on the grill and three types of falafel. All dishes can be served in a wrap or in a box together with tasty sauces, yogurt, and vegetables. The place also offers tasty summer drinks – sangria and lemonade. It’s a nice place for healthy snacks, which has already become popular among locals.

Аddress: Staroyevreiska St., 10
IT Club member bonus: free lemonade if you order two or more dishes

Fastfood restaurant

OPEN is a place with opened kitchen and buffet. Here you can serve yourself the dishes you want, combine salads, choose the size of portions and observe the cooking process. On the menu – everything starting from snacks, main courses, soups, pastry, desserts, and drinks.

Аddress: Teatralna St., 7; Forum Lviv Shopping Mall, 3rd floor
IT Club member bonus: free cup of coffee if you order for 75 UAH or more