10 Restaurants and Cafes Joined IT Club

08 Jun, 2017

During the last few months Lviv IT Cluster loyalty program Lviv ІТ Club got a lot of new members. We made a list with 10 new places in Lviv city center, where you can try delicious food with a special discount or a bonus for IT Club members.

Chesne Miaso (Honest Meat)

chesne-myaso“Chesne Miaso” is a place for foodies. First of all, because it’s the only one restaurant in Lviv and the region, that offers a unique selection of Mangalica meat, a Hungarian breed of pigs grown on the restaurant’s own hunting grounds. The restaurant boasts a variety of dishes cooked on an indoor grill which is perfect for preparing delicious and juicy dishes.

Аddress: Rynok Square, 28
IT Club member discount: 10%

Bigos Pub

As in every pub, here you can find a big variety of tasty beer and big tasty sets of beer snacks – meet plates, baked sausages. In the menu, there are a lot of delicious dishes – meat dishes, vegetables, and desserts.

Аddress: Soborna Square,2a
IT Club member discount: 10%


delicatekaDelicateka is a famous burger place in Lviv. Here you can find 16 different types of burgers with interesting combinations of vegetables and meat or fish and exclusive sauces. The burgers taste great with craft beer. Delicateka offers craft beer brewed in Ukraine and also its own brewed beer.

Аddress: Drukarska St., 11
IT Club members bonus: free glass of beer if you order food for 100 uah or more


Another place with a menu restricted to a specific dish. Rock’n’Dogs offers hot dogs cooked according to different national cuisines. For example, in the menu, you can find an Italian hot dog with mozzarella cheese and basil or Georgian hot dog with coriander and pomegranate seeds.

Аddress: Lesi Ukrainky St., 33
IT Club members bonus: free glass of beer if you order food for 100 uah or more

“Hrushevsky Cinema&Jazz”

hrushevskyi“Hrushevsky Cinema&Jazz” Improvisation Restaurant is the first art center in Lviv with everyday instrumental improvisations, movie screenings, live concerts, art exhibitions, photographs, vintage film posters, presentations and a reading room. The restaurant offers European and author’s cuisine. Lviv natural liqueurs and cocktails based on liqueurs are served in the restaurant.

Address: Shevchenka Avenue, 28
IT Club member discount: 10%

Panska Charka

“Panska Charka” is a place for friends with good Eastern European food and alcohol. The menu includes Ukrainian dishes with potatoes, meat, and poultry. Here you can also try more than 30 types of the original Lviv liqueurs based on natural ingredients and herbs according to the old and traditional recipes.

Аddress: Vynnychenka St., 3
IT Club member discount: 10%

Beagle Bagel

The place offers bagels – type of a sandwich made with a bread with a hole in the middle. There are a few types of different fillings – meat or fish, salads and sauces, and even jam and fruits. Moreover, you can also try their tasty smoothies.

Аddress: Kostiushka St., 3
IT Club member discount: 5%


kkkSanCrua offers a big variety of snacks – croissants with sweet and salty fillings, donuts, toasts, and sandwiches. Also, visitors can order milk cocktails and coffee.

Аddress: Kostiushka St., 5
IT Club member discount: 5%

Para Bar

Para Bar is a place for friends and fun. Para Bar offers a big variety of drinks and alcohol cocktails for the big and noisy groups. Besides drinks, it offers burgers and sandwiches as well as tasty meat dishes, cooked on a grill.

Аddress: Brativ Rohatyntsiv St., 39
IT Club member discount: 10%

Korky&Kryhty (Corks&Crumbs)

corksThe restaurant is a newly opened place in Lviv, but already has its own fans, both among tourists and locals. Corks&Crubms specializes in the Italian cuisine, however, they always like to improvise with classic recipes. For example, you can try a pizza with duck meat and an apple, or with cottage cheese and cranberries. Also, the restaurant offers pasta, salads, and sandwiches with a big variety of wine from French wine regions.

Аddress: Lesi Ukrainky St., 28
IT Club member bonus: free glass of wine if you order food for 130 uah or more