4 Months of the United for Health Project – Challenges and Results

28 Jul, 2020

Lviv IT Cluster United for Health initiative, which was launched at the end of March this year, united the forces of proactive IT companies in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in Lviv and the region. Although the project is still ongoing, we summarize the achievements of the last four months, which showed the importance of community unity in difficult times.

The United for Health project’s mission encompassed support to the city and region in combating the spread of the pandemic due to close communication with the authorities and doctors. After consultation with immunologists and medical experts, Lviv IT Cluster decided to launch COVID-19 mass testing in Lviv and Lviv region, which was identified as the only way to obtain data and control the virus spread.

“We launched the United for Health project in the midst of growing uncertainty and panic when the strict quarantine measures were introduced in the world and Ukraine. I am glad we took actions in such a difficult time. Jointly with the Supervisory Board of Lviv IT Cluster, we have taken an important decision to launch this initiative and even refocused our activity to support our city and region in the fight against the pandemic. The past four months were very intense for us, but the results have been worth it,” says Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO at Lviv IT Cluster.


During the first week, Lviv IT Cluster raised about UAH 3 million among IT companies and purchased the first batch of express tests for COVID-19. Then the initiative was supported by numerous volunteers who generously donated their funds for the cause. As of April 10, UAH 6 million was raised, and 41 companies-members of Lviv IT Cluster supported the initiative. IT Arena also supported the initiative, donating 50% of each ticket proceeds. As a result, during four months, 32 995 express tests were purchased, and 29 845 people were tested in Lviv and the region. In particular, in cooperation with Riel and the Lviv City Council, as part of the mass testing campaign, 100 journalists on the frontline were tested.

Support to healthcare workers has been an essential area of work within the frames of the United for Health project. Lviv IT Cluster provided the medical staff of all PCR labs in Lviv with full-body PPE kits for work with pathogenic microorganisms of biosafety level 1-2. The kits were delivered to the Lviv Regional Laboratory Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


Lviv IT Cluster also supported the insurance initiative for healthcare workers in Lviv and the region who contracted coronavirus. IT companies-members of the Lviv IT Cluster donated UAH 700,000 to the project, which was announced on April 28 by the Lviv Regional State Administration. As of now, 24 healthcare workers received financial aid, and 10 payment requests are being reviewed.

Besides, Lviv IT Cluster provided healthcare workers in Lviv with its unique discount program IT Club Loyalty, accessible only to IT specialists before. IT Club Loyalty is a loyalty program for IT specialists with 700 partners all over the country. 2000 loyalty program cards were distributed to doctors in Lviv on the occasion of the Health worker day.


In addition to financial support in the fight against COVID-19, Lviv IT Cluster utilized the IT companies’ expertise. Within the frames of the project, the following technological solutions were created: an interactive map to detect COVID-19 outbursts in Lviv and the region (jointly with N-iX), “Temperaturka” chatbot for monitoring the general health of residents (jointly with BotsCrew), and a  Viber bot for medical staff  (jointly with Chatbots.studio).

IT Arena, Lviv Tech Angels and LEEKS organized a hackathon for the first time to support our city in the fight against the pandemic and find technological solutions for businesses and residents for the post-quarantine period. The Hack the New World online hackathon took place on May 15-17, and as a result three winners were chosen. SafeMenu and EdPro Thermal Scanner, which got the 2nd and 3d places respectively, have already implemented their solutions. EdPro Thermal Scanner is used at Lviv City Council and several schools, and SafeMenu has been cooperating with Lviv City Council and a number of municipal institutions. The main prize went to the startup Kolo.Track that strives to help farmers return to work after the crisis. 

“United for Health is an excellent example of cooperation in times of a crisis and coordinated work of businesses for a common goal. Lviv IT Cluster, jointly with the IT community of Lviv, city administration, and educational institutions, implements numerous projects vital for our city. United for health is one more initiative that has shown us that together we can achieve a lot and self-organize promptly,” notes Ivan Babichuk, Supervisory Board Chairman at Lviv IT Cluster.

To see the detailed report of the United for Health project download it below.