5 year anniversary of Lviv IT Cluster

13 Oct, 2015

Lviv IT Cluster celebrated its 5th anniversary on October 3rd. The second day of the Lviv IT Arena conference was a perfect time to celebrate this little community triumph amount friends and founders. Cluster has achieved a lot and there is more on the way. Nevertheless, we want to tell you a little bit more about what those five years have been for Lviv IT Cluster.

A bit of history: Lviv IT Clusters started in 2009. It was founded by three companies – SoftServe, N-IX and Eleks. At first, the main purpose of the Cluster was to solve minor problems in IT sphere, e.d. low level of English among IT people. But no one could’ve guessed that over the course of five years the community will grow as much as it did and unity 35 companies, which include the biggest IT companies in Ukraine. Cluster seized being a community long time ago. It’s a powerful institution which reacts to all changes in IT environment in the city in no time and is ready to fix existing issues. Lviv IT Cluster is a powerful unit which managed to unite the local IT environment, local authorities and universities for development and flourishing of the IT sphere in Lviv.

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A bit about completed projects. At first, Cluster was working on a couple of projects, such as increasing the level of English knowledge among IT people. But soon the demands and general scale of the IT community started growing significantly, and the projects of the Lviv IT Cluster were growing together with them. Starting one a smaller scale, Cluster implemented the IT Future project, holding career-oriented meetings with students and getting the acquainted with modern technologies and career prospects in this sphere.

The second urgent problem in the IT life in Lviv was low educational level of IT professionals in the universities. So, Cluster carried out the IT Expert project which united the efforts from experienced professionals from the best IT companies in the city and professors to get the courses in local universities up to date. It’s been soon realized that the number of IT people is continuously growing, so the Cluster started the IT Club project – discount card for all Cluster members which now provides discounts in over 180 different spots in Lviv. Having noticed a communication problem with other cities, the Cluster did the Lviv IT Tour in 2014. Cluster team and IT guys from Lviv traveled all over Ukraine, exchanged experience and enhanced communication between Ukrainian cities.

IT House – the project became well-known in the first months of its existence. The main purpose of building a 72-apartment house for IT people only was to show that Cluster and the city are ready to create comfortable living conditions for both, life and work of IT people. Lviv IT Cluster has always welcomed IT guys from other cities in Ukraine.

To be able to solve problems in the IT environment of the city, we have to study those problems first. That’s why Lviv IT Cluster has been carrying out a large-scale and detailed research of Lviv IT market for over 7 months – IT Research project. We interviewed IT people and gathered unique information about who an average IT person in Lviv is, what’s his/her salary and basic needs.

IT Arena project was huge and got wide coverage. The conference was held just for the second time in 2015, but it’s already considered to be one of the biggest IT events in Ukraine, gathering over 1400 participants. The second day, peak of the Lviv IT Arena 2015, became a perfect time to join together all the Cluster friends and celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the Lviv IT Cluster.

A bit about celebration. Lviv IT Cluster members and guests gathered at the Citadel Inn. The first speech was given by Oleksiy Skrypnik, MP and one of the Cluster co-founders, who wished rapid growth to the community. The mayor of the city Andriy Sadoviy promised to provide a piece of land for new construction projects for IT-people. Oleg Synyutka, Taras Kytsmey, Andriy Pavliv and Andriy Gankevych congratulated Cluster as well. After the formal opening the guests got to enjoy live music, tasty desserts, interesting communication or receive a souvenir caricature.

A bit about great prospects. Lviv IT Cluster exists with the constant support and the need for it. We have already achieved a lot, but Cluster is not planning to stop and it working on large-scale powerful projects which in a couple of years will turn Lviv into a real oasis for development of the IT business.