5 Active Lviv IT Communities to Join

17 Aug, 2017 2

Lviv IT Cluster isn’t the only IT community in the city that unites IT experts. Lviv’s tech scene is supported by other IT communities, where people with similar interests gather to learn, improve their skills and discuss new technology trends. Lviv IT Cluster will tell you more about the 5 most interesting and active IT Communities in Lviv.

Lviv Google Developer Group

GDG is a group of Google services fans, who are interested in new technologies that the company implements in its web-resources. GDG Lviv recently celebrated its fifth birthday.

During these five years, we organized around 50 events with 250 speakers and thousands of participants. Our team of organizers has grown from 3 to 10 people.”  – explains one of the organizers, Ostap Andrusiv. Every month we set up local meetups on topics like Android or Web and Cloud technologies, and we organized some hackathons. GDG’s main goal is to create a space where programmers, designers, testers and all participants can share their ideas and experiences. Every GDG organizer has his own motivation to do this, we all work in IT, we are locals and we believe that the IT industry in Lviv can develop much faster though sharing experience, stories of success and failure”.

The community organizes GDG DevFest Ukraine – the biggest conference in Central and Eastern Europe connected to Google technologies. This year will be the sixth edition of the conference, which will take place on the 13th and 14th of October.

Java Lviv

This group of Java users is one of the oldest and the most active communities in Lviv. The concept of Java User Group (JUG) is very popular, you can find communities like this in almost every country. Java is the most popular programming language among Ukrainian developers, according to a Dou.ua survey.

“The Java Lviv community has several goals. The first one is to gather people to expand their knowledge and to organize regular events. For example, our next meeting will take place on the 19th of September; it will be a meeting with our colleagues from the Polish JUG. JUG members can take part in the improvement and development of Java, and communicate with the creators of Java. Two programmers from the Kyiv community already participated in the development of new Java specifications. From the beginning, the idea was to promote Java and to be in touch with people who use Java” – says Andriy Andrunevchyn, co-founder at Java Lviv.

Java Lviv Community has been organizing its own annual conference JDay Lviv since 2013.

Angular Lviv Meetup

Angular is a JavaScript framework with open programming code, which is created by Google and Microsoft. The community Angular Lviv Meetup exists in Lviv since one year and unites around 400 IT specialists who work with this Angular framework.

“We organize monthly workshops, where we code together step by step. It can be difficult for newcomers, but we give people additional information and tasks they can work on at home. We invite people to our events who really work with this technology and want to share their knowledge with the community. We plan to organize a new meeting with international experts in the next two months.” – comments Eugeniy Potupa, co-founder of Angular Lviv Meetup.

In June, the community launched a new initiative called Angular Lab. It aims to provide practical lessons for the community members. There are already two groups of five people each working on different projects with Angular technology within the Angular Lab.

Lviv RUG #pivorak

Group of Ruby users Lviv RUG #pivorak was created in 2015 and unites 400 members. Every month the group organizes meetups with local and international Ruby experts.

“The Pivorak community was created to support and develop Ruby, to create an environment and platform to learn and to share experiences and public talks. The format of our events is very popular because there is a lack of this kind of events in Lviv. We chose Ruby, because my colleague already organized the first events in 2012, and the company I worked at was also focused on Ruby and helped with these events in the beginning. ” – says Anna Golovchenko, co-founder, and organizer at Lviv RUG Pivorak.

IT-HR Club Lviv

IT-HR Club Lviv is a community that supports the professional growth of Lviv HR managers. It was founded three years ago. The IT-HR Club organizes monthly lectures and workshops.

IT-HR Club’s goals aim to improve the profession of HR manager and allow people who already work in this sphere to grow professionally. We want to establish a dialogue between people who work in HR and give a correct understanding of what it means to be an HR. An HR manager has very concrete tasks, so it’s our goal to make those tasks as clear as possible for HR specialists and employers.” – comments Mariya Oliynyk, co-founder at IT-HR Club Lviv.

Last year, the IT-HR Club joined LITS – together they launched HR School. Now LITS offers two courses: “IT Recruitment” and “HR in IT: Essentials”.