50 Days of Quarantine: United for Health Achievements

01 May, 2020
On March 23, Lviv IT Cluster launched the United for health initiative. The project started within the IT community as a fast response to the events in Lviv and the region. Here we summarize what we managed to achieve from the start of the initiative.

During the first week, Lviv IT Cluster raised 3 million UAH among IT companies. The first step after raising funds was ordering 20,000 express tests for COVID-19. Upon consultation with healthcare professionals, the launch of mass testing of residents was made a priority that would allow us to be more aware of the situation and reveal statistics about the infection in Lviv and the region. Therefore, Lviv IT Cluster initiated mass testing of the population for COVID-19 in Lviv and Lviv region.

In the next stage, Lviv IT Cluster expanded beyond the IT community and engaged citizens to donate funds. You can still contribute and donate for purchasing express tests for the city and region. Besides, IT Arena joined the initiative donating 50% of each ticket.

In addition to financial support in the fight against COVID-19, IT companies utilized their expertise. Within the frames of the project, technological solutions were created: an interactive map of coronavirus spread in Lviv and the region and chatbots for medical staff. N-iX, Chatbots.Studio, and Bots Crew joined the campaign at this stage.

In cooperation with RIEL and the city administration, Lviv IT Cluster organized the testing of journalists. 82 journalists from Lviv who have been working during the quarantine were tested for Covid-19.

As of now, 6 million UAH has been raised as part of the project. A part of the funds was directed to the Insurance Stabilization Fund for medical staff in Lviv and the region, recently created by Lviv Regional State Administration. The Fund provides all healthcare practitioners who were infected while working with coronavirus patients with a lump sum payment. Also, Lviv IT Cluster purchased protective wear for all doctors who are working in PCR labs in Lviv. The suits will be handed over to the medical staff as soon as they are delivered.

During the 50 days of the campaign, 9858 people were tested in Lviv, with 125 suspected coronavirus cases detected throughout the testing. In Lviv region, a total of 15139 people were tested, out of which 16 suspected cases revealed. However, the virus outbreak was detected in the Davydiv united territorial community – 20 people were diagnosed with COVID-19 and 140 people who had contact with the patients were identified. At this point, Davydiv is quarantined with the entry and exit barred.

The total number of individuals tested by express tests as of April 30 is 24997, out of which 161 suspected cases.