7 facts about IT House you’ve never heard before!

16 Mar, 2016

Lviv has become an IT hub with the highest number of IT specialists per person in Ukraine. These professionals create a strong investment potential for the city, and deserve high-quality and modern dwellings. This is the reason the implementation of IT House is just in time. Lviv IT Cluster aims to create the house that meets all the requirements and demands of modern engineers. So IT House is a place created by IT specialists for IT specialists.

It is no secret that IT House is the first house for IT specialists in Ukraine. However, little is known about its real advantages. We have compiled a list of 7 interesting facts about this impressive project that you most likely have not heard before. So read about the feautures which make this home truly unique and comfortable.

  1. A spacious roof with a view on High Castle is one of the most beloved advantages IT House offers it residents. The left side of the roof will serve as a relax area while solar collectors will be located on the right side. They provide 70% of energy to heat the water in the house.ІТ - робочий червень
  2. Another unique feature of the house is its common space. IT House is created for associates, so there should be a space to exchange ideas where neighbors will intersect and communicate every day. This space includes a conference room which is open for everyone, space for baby strollers, and decorated common hall with 24-hour concierge and security.
  3. IT House will obviously have high-speed Internet, and each resident will be able to choose the most suitable provider.
  4. Bike and car owners will have parking space guarded 24/7.
  5. House developers have taken care of young families by providing IT House with a playground and room for baby strollers on the first floor.Liva_storona-1024x576
  6. Health above all. In order to remain in a good shape, there will also be a sports playground. It is well-known that the engineers don’t get to move much during working hours, so the workout place near the house will become a perfect solution.
  7. Also, IT House includes commercial zone such as the area for rent. IT House residents will get an economic benefit as they will be able to use this money to pay for their utilities costs.

IT House will be finished in 2017. Even now, the future residents are actively involved in the house planning as they will be a part of House Cooperative which will solve all the household issues.
Stay with us, and soon, we will tell you more about the eco-friendly features of IT House.

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