721 Students Choose Lviv IT Cluster’s Innovative Educational Programs

16 Aug, 2018

The university admission process in Ukraine is already finished. We gathered the results of 9 Lviv IT Cluster’s innovation degree programs. 721 students completed all application procedures for our programs – from filling in the registration forms and applying the documents to being the new students of modernized educational programs at the universities in Lviv, which were improved by Cluster in collaboration with IT companies.

102 students subscribed to the Іnternet оf Тhings bachelor program at Lviv Polytechnic. 22 of them will receive scholarships. IoT is the first program by Cluster, which launched in 2016. More than 100 students applied for this program the previous years.

130 students will follow the Artificial Intelligence program at Lviv Polytechnic. 122 of them will have scholarships.

Data Science & Intelligent Systems at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Faculty of Electronics will receive 45 students. 7 students will receive a scholarship.

62 students will take the Data Science program. 50 students receive scholarships.

And 100 students will study Computer Science at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Faculty of Applied Mathematics with 86 scholarships.

158 students subscribed to the Cybersecurity program at Lviv Polytechnic. 83 of them will receive scholarships.

37 students will take the Robotics program at Lviv Polytechnic. 32 of them receive scholarships.

55 students will study Business Analysis & Data Science at Lviv Polytechnic with 25 scholarships.

26 students will take the new Cybersecurity program at the Lviv State University of Life Safety. 10 of them will receive scholarships.

All nine Cluster’s programs were created by IT experts in collaboration with universities to prepare students for the IT industry, offering the expertise that meets the requirements of the IT job market. New subjects were added, as well as more English lessons projects with mentors from IT companies, the possibility to create and develop your own projects, internships at IT companies in Lviv, and summer camps of educational programs.

Lviv IT Cluster thanks all the IT companies for their support: PLVisionN-iXCiclumSoftServeEleksIntelliasConscensiaCypressPerfectialKindGeekLohikaVakomsVectorSoftwareV.I.TechGlobalLogicSombraMasteram.

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