82% of High School Students are Interested in IT

14 Jun, 2018

Lviv IT Cluster has finished the first stage of the IT Future project, which included study visits with promotional lectures to schools in Lviv and the region. During the last three months, IT Future covered the third part planned schools and discovered how much the students are interested in IT.

IT Future aims to introduce study opportunities in the IT sphere to high school students. Every year, the Cluster team visits schools in Lviv and the region with promotional lectures and meetings. This year, more than 50 schools were visited and 1500 students had a chance to listen to the useful information about possible careers in IT. Among 20 regional towns that were in the list – Stryi, Drohobych, Rozvadiv, Novyi Rozdil, Brody, Busk, Skole, Rava Ruska, etc.

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During the meetings, Cluster made a small survey in order to learn to what extend students are interested in IT. “Every time we visit schools in Lviv or smaller towns, we really like that students are very progressive and know a lot, they’re really interested in technologies and have big plans for the future. This time, we’ve decided to ask everyone present at the lectures, about their interest in IT and we received positive results. Many students plan to study at technical faculties,” comments Khrystyna Martynyak, Project Manager, Lviv IT Cluster.

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1100 students participated in the survey and 82% of them are interested in the prospective IT sphere.

After summer holiday, the IT Future project will continue. The Cluster plans to visit 100 schools during the autumn.

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