A2 Software – New Member of Lviv IT Cluster

08 Jun, 2021

A2 Software is a Danish software project company with an HQ in Lviv. The company is developing software for a wide range of industries. A2 Software’s core business areas: Healthcare, productions, CRM, Shipping, and NGO. For their partners, the company primarily develops functional websites and apps. The company strongly believes in the future of Ukrainian IT with a European (Danish) management approach. A2 Software’s values are trust, openness, respect, and proximity.

“The growing demand for highly skilled software developers as well as a strong belief that software development is about people and not resources, encourage me to be a part of Lviv IT Cluster and join its mission. We are proud of our membership and we are ready to take an active part in the community to support the development of the IT sphere in Lviv,” comments Allan Kirkeby Andreasen, CEO of A2 Software.

“Welcome to Lviv IT Cluster — the great and friendly community of tech companies. We are extremely proud to welcome A2 Software as the newest addition to our association. When a new company joins us — it’s a big achievement. With every new company, the number of people who are ready to work on our projects is also increasing,” Stepan Veselovskyi, Lviv IT Cluster CEO.