Android for Beginners: Tips from Study Jams

29 Mar, 2016

“Before, I knew nothing about programming, and now, I have managed to create my own app,” says tenth-grader Marta Kovalchuk. Together with 17 young people, she participated in Study Jams 2016, a project to teach the beginners to program for Android. During the five sessions, the girl learned the basic skills of working with this platform, and now, thinks about a career in IT.

Marta is one of the youngest participants of the program. Before the project, she never programmed and did not know how the process looked like. “In the beginning, it was difficult, but five sessions really taught me a lot,” she says. In a short term, the girl created her own application with motivational books.P_20160317_202935

The other tenth-grader, Daryna Dzhala, learned about the project from the organizers and decided to try her capacities in programming. “I have very little programming experience; before, I tried to write something in JavaScript,” the girl explains. She adds: “Due to lack of experience, it was difficult to write my own application; but the course taught me many things, and I was able to try and use them.” Daryna decided to create an app with information about the countries which may be useful for the travelers.

Study Jams is a project for Android-beginners who want to learn how to work with this operating system. It includes three lectures, two practical classes, and a final presentation. The project’s organizer, Oleh Zasadnyy of GDG, says the course is supported by Google and Udacity.P_20160317_203700

“The project includes the work of the participants and the facilitators who help with application development and give feedback,” explains Oleh. The main objective of the program is to help beginners create the final product for Android. “The participants get the skills which enable them to continue working with Android and develop more applications later on,” concludes the organizer.