IT Arena Launches Hack the New World Hackhaton

06 May, 2020

With European countries gradually loosening lockdown and quarantine measures, it’s clear that the pandemic will end sooner or later, forcing us to adapt to a new lifestyle. Both people and businesses are not ready for the new challenges COVID-19 caused. IT Arena might also look different in October, but for now, we focus on finding solutions that will help our city adjust to the post-pandemic crisis. Therefore, IT Arena is announcing its online hackathon Hack the New World to address the critical issues the pandemic has brought for the economy and society. 

There have been a number of hackathons to tackle issues related to Covid-19 impact, with the resulting numerous open source solutions available for implementation. These solutions can be also adapted and implemented in Lviv and Ukraine. Hack the New World hackathon calls for everyone who has an idea or expertise and is determined to take a stand against the ongoing crisis and wants to give back to the community. Uniting innovators and visionaries, our primary goal is to create swift ready-to-implement solutions (even with basic functionality) for businesses and the public sector to ensure the well-being of our city.

Winners will receive access to the community of entrepreneurs and support from the city and Lviv IT Cluster to develop their projects. Hack the New World seeks creative software and hardware solutions in the following areas: tourism and hospitality, crisis response, transportation, retail industry, work, event industry, education, community development.


  • Engineers with a minimum of 2 years of experience in tech
  • UI/UX designers ready to experiment
  • Visionaries who already have an idea of how to save the post-pandemic world
  • Managers who can effectively organize a team in a very short time
  • Passionate volunteers ready to dedicate 48 hours of their life for a social cause


  • Hack the New World differs from other hackathons in a way that the solutions developed during the 48-hour event will be immediately used by the city. You will be able to see the results of your work right away.
  • Experienced mentors will continue to support your solution even after the hackathon is over. A real solution for the city that works is the end goal for both participants and mentors.  
  • Ideas created and developed during the hackathon will have the opportunity to be selected and funded by investors from the Lviv Tech Angels club.

The registration is free of charge. Submit your idea by 12 pm, May 14.
Registration HERE.

Partners: Lviv City Council, N-iX, SoftServe, Sigma Software, Intellias, Garage48