Awarding ceremony for the best innovative projects of 2016 will be held in Lviv

21 Jul, 2016

Tomorrow Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) together with SoftServe invites everyone interested to the presentation and awarding ceremony for the best innovative business project “From 0 to 1 – StartUp Innovation 2016”.

The award was established in 2016 with the aim to reward the authors of the best thesis projects among the graduates of professional master’s program MSs in Innovations and Entrepreneurship of Lviv Business School of UCU. Winner also receives a cash reward for the implementation and development of the business project.

SoftServe BoD Member Taras Vervega said: “The Ukrainians – a nation of entrepreneurs who can build the world-class companies. I am glad that LvBS is actively involved in this process through its training program for entrepreneurs and innovators. Its graduates amaze us with their thesis projects. That is why this year we decided to establish an award “From 0 to 1 – StartUp innovation 2016″ to reward the best of them.”

The prize includes a monetary reward of 25 thousand UAH. These funds should help young entrepreneurs furtherly develop their projects. In addition, the project will have a chance to receive a mentoring support from Taras Vervega. “We hope the prize will be an incentive to establish successful innovation companies in Ukraine and in Lviv. In particular, with the support from the big business”, he added.

Mykhaylo Dumanskyy, Program Manager MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship, stressed that award “From 0 to 1 – StartUp Innovation 2016” – is an example of socially responsible business and the intersection of different areas, which lead to the appearance of new success stories.

We always talk at LvBS about innovations that occur at the intersections, about socially responsible business, about new opportunities for growth and development. Applying to program on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in LvBS and having the sole idea only, but studying hard and working every day on your goal, you can implement something that seemed impossible at first glance. All the challenges that occur in the classrooms – is a simulation of environment that awaits new businesses in real life. That is why it is not only education or project, it is a real opportunity to turn innovative ideas into real business”, he said.

Event time: Thursday, July 21, 14:00

Location: SoftServe HQ, 2a Sadova St, conference room (1st floor)

Media accreditation: Lilia Kuzik,, 0971081132.