Bachelor’s program “Internet of Things” already has five scholarships!

18 Jul, 2016
Cypress Semiconductor Company will provide two scholarships for students of bachelor’s program “Internet of Things” – a new educational program of Lviv Polytechnic. In total entrants will be able to get five scholarships, three of which provides Lviv IT Cluster. They will fully reimburse tuition costs.

According to the Head of HR-department of Cypress Semiconductor in Ukraine Irina Romaniv, the company will fund studies on the program to influence the development of IT professionals.

“The mechanism of this influence is a collaboration between business and universities and its active participation in the creation of professional educational programs that meet market demands. Bachelor’s program “Internet of Things” at National University “Lviv Polytechnic” is created for bringing together business and education, and increasing the attractiveness of engineer and developer specialization for graduates. Cypress company helpes to develop the program, so naturally it was also decided to give scholarships”, says Irina.

To receive a scholarship, the applicant has to pass an external evaluation in core subject (mathematics) at least 185 points and successfully pass an interview. Also in learning the average score must be at least 90 points. More information regarding the scholarships is available here.

We remind that the Bachelor’s program “Internet of Things” Lviv Polytechnic runs together with Lviv IT Cluster. This autumn it will receive its first hundred students.