IT Club Recommends! Beer and Whiskey: TOP-5 Pubs in Lviv

26 Apr, 2017

Lviv is the city well known not only for its coffee tradition but also beer. You can find here a lot of interesting restaurants offering beer brewed locally as well as drinks of the world famous brands. We’ve made a list with TOP-5 Lviv Pubs with amazing atmosphere and special discounts for IT Club members.

Kupitsa Pub is a perfect place for spending time with friends and enjoying delicious food. It offers tasty dishes of Hungarian, Ukrainian and European cuisines, a wide variety of original liqueurs and around 15 sorts of famous draft beer.

Kupitsa also has a special offer for music fans. The best Lviv music bands play at the pub in the evenings from Thursdays till Saturdays.

Address: Brativ Rohatyntsiv St.18
IT Club members discount: 5%

Korzo is the traditional beer pub, where you can try unique Irish cuisine, tasty meat dishes which work best with beer and cocktails.

Korzo has a classic pub’s interior design with a special atmosphere. It’s the place for relaxed and business meetings, having fun with friends and watching football matches on the big screen.

Address: Brativ Rohatyntsiv St. 10
IT Club members discount: 10%

4Friends Whiskey Pub

4friends Whiskey Pub is a unique place if you want to taste whiskey! Here you can find more than 180 sorts of legendary whiskey from 9 countries. Moreover, 4friends offers different craft beers and cocktails. The pub is very proud of its table football – a perfect combination for having fun with friends. Also, it offers whiskey tasting sets with a 20% discount.

At 4friends you can try burgers, steaks as well as snacks which go perfectly with beer and whiskey.

Address: Dudaeva St.2
IT Club members discount: 7%

Linyvyi pes
The pub Linyvyi pes (“The lazy dog” in translation) offers different kinds of beer, especially exclusive beer “Linyvyi pes”, cocktails and other drinks. In the menu, you can find breakfasts, business lunches and a big variety of beer snacks.
It has a traditional pub’s interior with big wooden tables for large groups of friends. In every room, there are big TV screens for watching football.

Address: Teatralna St. 18
IT Club members discount: 7%

The Cult
The Cult is a meeting point for true fans of good food, drinks, and live music. It has a lot of unique cocktails and old whiskey of famous brands.

In the restaurant, you can order a steak cooked on the hot stone right on your table. The Cult also specializes in American cuisine.

Address: Chaikovskoho St. 7
IT Club members discount: 7%