Blood Donation is One More Way of Help

27 Feb, 2022

Gameloft Lviv is launching an initiative for its colleagues, which is especially relevant in the current situation. We are talking about a blood donation initiative. Along with the company’s volunteers, who quickly responded to the offer, we researched all the requirements and contraindications.

The political situation in Ukraine is tense. War does not knock on the door, it wakes us up in the morning with a combat alarm. At this time, it’s highly important to keep calm, do not panic, and take actions. And at this time, as never before, we see the great unity of the whole nation. Together, we will cope with the problems that arise at this difficult time in our country.

The initiatives of the IT community to fight the occupier has inspired Gameloft Lviv with the team of our volunteers to join the blood donation project. The idea is not new but is highly relevant now, as one blood donation can save three lives. All you need is a brief self-diagnosis of your health.

The basic requirements:

  • Weight – not less than 60 kg
  • Heart pressure – not less than 110/80 mm Hg
  • Satisfactory health
  • Do not take medication for 10 days before donating blood

It is necessary to prepare for blood donation. This requires:

  • Feel good
  • Do not drink alcohol 3 days before blood sampling 
  • Do not smoke for 1 hour before blood donation
  • Do not eat certain foods. For example, milk, eggs, nuts, as well as fatty, fried and smoked foods the day before

There are such blood donation stations in Lviv:

  • Lviv Regional Blood Service Center, located at 65 Pekarska St
  • Department of Transfusiology, Lviv Military Medical Clinical Center, 26 Lychakivska St
  • Lviv City Clinical Hospital of Ambulance, 9 Mykolaychuka St
  • Blood Transfusion Station of Lviv Railway, 5 Ivana Ogienka St

After getting acquainted with all the requirements and contraindications, Gameloft Lviv gathered the first initiative group. On February 22, they made their first donation to Lviv regional center of blood service. About four liters of blood were collected by the company volunteers. If other Cluster members join this project, it can be much more beneficial. Especially when our lives were divided into before and after February 24. So, everyone for whom this idea is close can join a blood donation initiative as your way of helping the state and its army.