Boosta IT Company Rebranded for the First Time in 8 Years

15 Aug, 2022

Boosta has developed a new identity in collaboration with the Spiilka design bureau. Boosta has long been a not-so-small project with four specialists and the office in a flat.

Today, it is an international IT company that employs more than 600 people worldwide. Therefore, with the change in business scale, it is also time to update visual communication.

“The main task we set for Spiilka is to rebrand Boosta and improve our style, but at the same time not to change the company’s principles constant development and pleasure of working. Because we are sure that our features helped us to achieve great results and become a significant player in the IT market.” comments Dmytro Bondar, co-founder, and CEO of Boosta.

The previous logo, created eight years ago, contained an infinity sign, which symbolized the constant development of both the company and the team. In the updated logo, Spiilka demonstrated the value of growth and reaching new heights through a geometric shape, with the angle of inclination going upwards.

The new logo is quite dynamic, with four different versions of angles inclinations from moderate to large. The icon for social networks shows the first letter of the company’s name – B. To avoid deviating from the brand style, it also has its slant.

“There are two approaches to identity development in the IT industry, which depend on the type and size of the company. Large corporations choose minimalism, one accent color, and clear symbolism. And there are rock bands (usually small companies) who want and can afford anything in terms of identity. Boosta is a large IT company that has retained the boldness and speed of a small one. That’s why we wanted to allow ourselves more. So we created a dynamic logo, an unusual combination of colors for IT, and atypical compositions of promotional materials.” says Volodymyr Smirnov, design director at Spiilka.

The color scheme plays an essential role in the new identity. Now the primary color of the brand is fiery red. The bureau suggested a design which will not change the color significantly but make it more interesting and complex.

In addition, Spiilka chose five more colors: blue, which illustrates Boosta’s expertise and reliability, bright pink, which symbolizes the company’s audacity and lack of fear of being different, and others.

How to combine technology and visual style?

The Boosta team developed its pattern generator that creates patterns from the logo’s shape in different brand colors. Boosta now has over a million patterns that can be easily created in just a few clicks. On the generation platform, you need to adjust the size of the figures, their number and distance between them, the desired colors, and the background and move the arrow across the screen. That is all! A new unique pattern is ready! The new branding is universal and looks good in all communication channels.