What to Expect When You’re IT-geek: Trend Two

16 Feb, 2016

Not so long ago, smartglasses and smartwatches seemed like something from fantastic movies like RoboCop. Now, these tools are irreplaceable elements of modern communications which allow people to track their calendar and help with daily tasks. We have already told you about the trends in the wearables’ sphere, and now, moving on toward the drones.

Drones in your garden

This year promises to double the sales of drones for the commercial purposes. More civilians are currently buying the drones, and will continue the following years although military will remain the main client. The growing consumers’ interest shows the positive tendencies for further drones’ development.

Currently, the companies introduce cool new drones for civilian purposes such as drones for media and marketing. With the gadgets getting cheaper, the industry is expected to double this year comparing to the previous one.

Amazon-PrimeAir-flyingAmong the most anticipated innovations is Amazon Prime Air, the new drone delivery system which promises to deliver orders up to 2 kilos in half an hour. The system is still under development, and Amazon does not reveal the launch date or the service cost; but the overall attention to the upcoming innovation brings the new drones’ features into spotlight this year.

Already, the drones are introduced to agriculture and law enforcement spheres; and soon, they will be instrumental in other industries including mass media, marketing, and even environment where the drones can help monitoring, filming and delivering objects. Some new drones with updated features have already been released in 2016; and they can be purchased for less than $1000.

drone-flying-with_1200xx5472-3078-0-285Having a drone monitor your garden looks like a cool idea for the modern customers making drones an important direction in IT sphere. Besides, we cannot forget the fact that the drones are instrumental in military operations when they can save lives and be used to help dealing with the natural disasters.

A volunteer group AeroRozvidka Lviv has made an awesome presentation about drones at Lviv IT Arena. Specifically, the guys from the group spoke on how to create a drone yourself.

At 2016 Lviv IT Arena we will also talk about this trend and its development possibilities. So check out the video, and maybe, you will come with your own drone to the upcoming conference.