Lviv IT Cluster Revamps Projects

The war radically changed many aspects of our lives, particularly work. Since the start of Russia’s assault on Ukraine, Lviv IT Cluster has been upending the way it does business, assisting community companies and supporting the country’s economy in this difficult time, and now all projects are coming back to life, as it adapts to the new battlefield realities.

Here’s the list of projects we’re planning to renew and, most importantly, encourage the entire community to join our initiatives.

Lviv Tech Platform Resumes Work

Lviv Tech is the first B2B platform that connects Ukraine’s IT sector with customers from around the world. This is a great online network of partners and tech companies around Lviv and across Ukraine. The platform will reopen again soon with more PR, marketing and networking strategies in the near future.  The move serves as a reminder to international customers that Ukraine’s IT industry continues to operate despite Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and our companies are ready for new projects and orders. Today, 57 companies have registered and filled out their profiles on the Lviv Tech platform.

Launch of Educational Projects

With universities switching to remote learning, the education has been revamped across several regions in Ukraine. Virtual learning has become mainstream a long time ago. Therefore, we renew all 17 bachelor’s programs at three universities: Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and Lviv State University of Life Safety.

In the near future, we will give the chance for students to work as a part of team with mentors within five programs:

  • Lviv Polytechnic National University it is Business Analytics and Data Science, DevOps and Project Management;
  • Ivan Franko National University of Lviv it is Data Science and Intelligent Systems, HR Management;
  • Lviv State University of Life Safety it is Cybersecurity.

Thank you for volunteering to become a tutor. This semester, 40 mentors are working with 53 teams. In particular, we’re grateful to new mentors in the areas of Cybersecurity, DevOps and HR Management, students for the first time had the opportunity to work with representatives of the IT industry. To apply, please click the link below and complete the Mentor application form.

Data Analysis: tech during war time

Amid the ongoing war with Russia, the staff of Lviv IT Cluster has been doing research on the work of companies during the war. In addition, the research for next study is already complete.

We encourage you to actively participate in surveys conducted within the IT Research Monitoring project. After all, each survey concerns topics relevant to the industry. Get the latest in depth insights and slice market report to support your business strategic development needs.

Resumption of Lviv IT Cluster community meetings

There are many challenges for companies today — relocation, evacuation, search for new offices, and adaptation to work in wartime. At such moments, the exchange of experience and communication are extremely important, so Lviv IT Cluster renews HR Community meetings to discuss together:

  • organization and stable employee morale;
  • problems and experiences of employees;
  • experience in maintaining mental health;
  • real cases of overcoming stress;
  • recommendations for employees in stressful situations.

Let’s come together and discuss our experiences to support and help each other.

IT Club Loyalty is issuing cards to relocated employees

The IT Club Loyalty program resumes its work. The project team begins the process of issuing member cards to relocated employees of companies that are members of our community. The members get access to a number of promotions, discounts and bonuses from more than a thousand partners. These are shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, medical facilities, and much more.

In addition, the IT Club Loyalty team will continue to add new partners to the loyalty program, especially in the areas where IT companies have relocated. This will not only support IT professionals, but also the Ukrainian economy.

Implementation of IT Village

Today, having a reliable house with a reliable shelter is of great value. Of course, the war made some adjustments to the work on the IT Village in the village of Nagoryany, 9 km from Lviv. But this project will definitely be implemented. Everyone who wants to live outside of the city surrounded by like-minded people will find a home on 17 hectares. We started the third phase of construction before the war began and will definitely finish it after our victory. In IT Village, everyone will be able to choose the type of house that best suits their needs. After all, this is a place where individual freedom is valued.