IT Law Community

The IT Law Community coordinates the efforts of Cluster member companies to implement joint legal and legislative initiatives to protect the common interests of the IT industry and conducts activities for the IT community to familiarize them with the latest trends and insights in legal regulation in the IT industry.

CTO Community

СTO Community brings together technology professionals with similar interests, goals, and responsibilities (CTO, Deputy CTO, Director of Engineering, Technical Director, VP of Engineering, VP of Technology). The community aimed to get to know each other and bring together the above positions in the Cluster member companies, which will serve as a tool for development, knowledge development, help in making important decisions, active discussion, and consultation on issues arising course of professional activities.


Game Community

Game Community brings together gaming industry experts to improve the education level of the current and potential employees, share experiences, discuss relevant issues and ideas. The purpose is to unite gaming industry specialists to implement joint projects and solve challenges that face members of the community.

HR Community

HR Community is a community of Lviv IT Cluster members, that are bound together to create new projects in the HR industry, achieve common goals, and share knowledge. The goal of the community is to improve the participant’s skills, provide support, implement projects together and provide quality networking with HR professionals.

Sales Community

Sales Community unites Sales department’s representatives of Lviv IT Cluster member companies. The community aims at lead generation, expanding search capabilities of new customers and markets. Sales Community will be integrated with the Lviv Tech marketplace, a platform for Lviv IT companies to meet with international customers and clients, developed with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine.


Independent Communities Support Program


Are you so active and involved in your industry that had united your colleagues and created your own community?

Already had held a few events but encountered some obstacles, or just need support?

During 10 years, Lviv IT Cluster has brought together more than 20,000 tech specialists and is ready to share experience and give the necessary support.
We have a direct interest in tech industry development and, consequently, providing support to any independent IT community.

Lviv IT Cluster team gives event organization support:

event venue search at a reasonable price or on a complimentary basis


technical support contractor recommendations


catering service advice of a wide price range


videos, photo services recommendations, simultaneous interpreting services, web development services, medical experts and other services involvement;


event coordination by our manager

Marketing and communication support:

announcement of the event at Lviv IT Cluster website


launching custom advertising campaigns on social media


interaction with Cluster communities (joint meetings and projects organization)


recommendations on social networks management from our SMM specialist


quality digital marketing with a discount

Already with us: