Contribute to the Development of IT Club Loyalty Mobile App

27 Oct, 2021

Lviv IT Cluster IT Club Loyalty project is looking for a partner who would contribute to the development of a new mobile app and loyalty platform. IT Club Loyalty is a discount program for IT specialists that has over 25,000 members and 900 partners.

The program already has a functional mobile app, but new partners and members continually join the project. Thus the platform must be updated and upgraded.

IT Club intends to create a solution that comprises the user component of the mobile app as well as a loyalty platform for program partners and HRs of company members. It will include the following elements:

– Development of the app’s user interface: a mobile app for iOS and Android.

– Development of the app’s administrative and partnership components (web)

IT Club effectively collaborates with over 160 IT companies, involving over 25K specialists, and works in 11 Ukrainian cities with 900+ partners.

How IT Club works

The IT Club team distributes cards to IT companies, who then give them out to their employees. Employees sign up within the IT Club app, which includes a list of all partners and the benefits they provide. With the IT Club card, employees receive specific discounts and gifts from partners.

Fill out a brief registration form if your company is interested in joining and assisting us with this initiative.

If you have any questions, please contact the Head of IT Club Loyalty Program Natalia Heras:
phone number: +380676734124