Open Day at Internet of Things Bachelor’s program

25 May, 2016

How to create a clever invention that helps people? How to intern in IT companies and get a cool job? How to study for free? Creators of the Bachelor’s Program on Internet of Things spoke with prospective students about these opportunities at the Open Day at the National University “Lviv Polytechnic”. What inventions did they show to visitors, and what does the new major promise? Read about it in our article.

Nearly a hundred of students and parents attended the Open Day of Bachelor’s Program on Internet of Things. New major, jointly developed by Lviv IT Cluster and National University “Lviv Polytechnic”, trains specialists in the popular field of Internet of Things (IoT). University representatives and IT experts who are developing the program spoke about the importance of the sphere and how it creates smart things.

Deputy Lviv City Mayor for Development Issues Andriy Moskalenko, head of Computer Technologies, Automation and Metrology Institute Mykola Mykyychuk, and head of computerized automatic systems department at Lviv Polytechnic Adrian Nakonechnyi welcomed the applicants. Program’s initiator, Solutions Architect at SoftServe, and lecturer at Lviv Polytechnic University Zenoviy Veres spoke about the study process and special features of the program. The applicants got a short introduction to the program and practical areas that students would learn.

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“Open Day is an opportunity to see how important our program is for future students. As the program is new, it should show cool examples of IoT, and we succeeded in it. Thanks to great speakers, we managed to show the promise of the new direction, and are very pleased that teenagers and their parents discussed IoT during coffee break,” says Zenoviy Veres.

Lviv IT Cluster companies will present three scholarships to talented students who will join the program. Three students will study for free based on the results of the standardized tests, and the interviews with the program developers.

Ukrainian programmers, IoT experts, showed their own developments in the area. Nazar Bilous shared his experience in creating smart watch – La Metric Time. Applicants learned success story of the project, which is known worldwide and has received Red Rod Product Design Award. “IoT is an area for the future, and now is the best time to get involved in this field,” says Nazar.

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One of the program developers, Andriy Syvak, Software Engineering Group Lead at Cypress Semiconductor, presented Tesla display, a project his company is working on, and spoke about the future IoT projects. Applicants have learned how the program’s students could find successful employment in IT companies and grow in the area.

SoftServe R & D Team, who created a smart coffee machine Barista, spoke about successes and small catastrophes. The team described a process of creating and testing their device, and worries about the failure of the project because the machine exploded once.  Experts also explained how they managed to overcome all difficulties and now, they are all using the machine on practice to make coffee with Apple Watch.

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Juniors at the department, and the creators of the team “HardCode”, also participated in the Open Day, where they spoke about their own IoT experience.  While studying at Polytechnic University, the guys managed to create a smart device, a startup «Emer». The device calls the ambulance for motorcyclists in case of an accident. The team won the SpinOffHack, hackathon at Lviv Polytechnic University, and works on innovations at the department.  “IoT is very topical right now. Software competition is huge while IoT is a rather young field. A big plus of the program is having lots of teachers with practical experience who can pass their knowledge to students,” says Viktor Surkov of “HardCode”.

“IoT is a sphere, that trains specialists in one of the most important IT directions. In four years – exactly when the first students will finish the program – the world will have over 20 billion smart devices. We want to train professionals in this area so Lviv developers create more inventions in this field,” says Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO at Lviv IT Cluster.

During coffee break and sweets from Fornetti, all applicants got a chance to speak with the program developers and ask them about the application procedure, the study process, and internship at IT companies. The program starts in September, so all applicants can submit their documents to study there. The program was created by experts in the sphere from Lviv IT Cluster companies, and aims to train specialists with practical knowledge, who are competitive in IT. Find out more about the program on our website.