Perfectial’s Design Agency Pixetic Presented a New Brand Style for Local Puppet Theater

11 Apr, 2018

Perfectial’s subsidiary, digital design agency Pixetic has just finished work and presented Lviv Puppet Theater’s new logo.

Agency’s initial task was to work on the puppet theater’s website. When the structure and wireframes were ready, Pixetic’s UI / UX designer, Tetiana Okhten hit a stumbling block – there was no logo to insert that would be in line with the whole website’s style.

Two months of active collaboration and discussion with the theater’s board resulted in a new face of Lviv Puppet Theater – an actor’s silhouette with a puppet inside, and a box that symbolizes theater space.

“Creating a logo is a delicate task. It has to be not too illustrative but also memorable and easily associated with the brand. Our goal was to make it suitable for the theater’s initial audience – young children but also attract adult visitors for the theater’s more mature repertoire,” says Tetiana Okhten, the logo’s creator.

The color choice is not accidental as well. The purple color symbolizes creativity and philosophical side, while yellow is used to represent emotions and happiness the puppet theater wants to arouse.

But Pixetic didn’t stop at that; logo gave a push to create a brand book for the theater. Tanya worked closely together with the rest of the team to design the official colors, fonts and the whole stylistics for the puppet theater’s digital products. At the moment, the website is in the final stages and will be launched soon.

Pixetic’s collaboration with Lviv Puppet Theater began last summer when the agency participated in Design Thinking workshop that used the theater as one of their cases. Later on, Puppet Theater announced via a post on social media that they need help with their website and Pixetic volunteered to help the local theater pro bono.

About Pixetic

Pixetic is a digital design agency created by Perfectial in 2017. The agency’s goal is creating unique digital products that reflect brands’ values and identity, attract new customers, and reach new markets with outstanding graphic and experience design. Pixetic offers a wide spectrum of services, from building website and web services to mobile apps, AR, VR, IoT, and wearables. Pixetic was honored by Awwwards, the awards that recognize talent and best efforts among designers, developers, and agencies around the world, for its clean and stylish website that represents its brand’s values.