Digital Innovation at Lviv IT Arena: Interview with Alejandro Danylyszyn

11 May, 2016

What does it mean to create digital innovation? What are the forces leading it? Alejandro Danylyszyn, principal at Deloitte Digital, will speak about it at Lviv IT Arena. With a solid experience working at the world’s largest professional services company, Alejandro will share practical cases and the elements of business innovation. Join Lviv IT Arena to hear his impressive presentation.

“Deloitte Digital is a part of Deloitte Consulting, the largest privately-held professional services firm in the world,” says Alejandro, “We launched our initiative about four years ago to blend under a single umbrella all of the services we provide to our clients to do digital enablement.” These services include mobile and web development, e-commerce, digital marketing, social campaigns, and advertising. Through his work, Alejandro cooperated with such clients as Disney and Hewlett-Packard.

“At Lviv IT Arena, I will try to answer what it means to create digital disruption and digital innovation,” explains Alejandro, “We are looking at five forces, that define digital disruption,” continues he, “They are mobile, cloud, analytics, social, and cyber security. Either one of those forces can cause a disruption in business”.

According to Alejandro, all businesses have to watch carefully over the forces since they are the sources of rapid changes on the market. Ignoring the force can lead to a disruption of personal business because a rival company can take advantage of the situation. Using the forces, on the other hand, can be a tool for innovation.

“At the conference, I will also speak about business circles, which are assets, system, and ecosystem,” continues Alejandro. He also names the key elements of the circles. “When we are talking about the assets, the key to them is efficiency. So my presentation at Lviv IT Arena will have some practical notes on how to increase efficiency using the examples of successful companies,” says the speaker. He adds that the key element in system is transparency. “Ecosystem is the largest circle, and it depends the most on engagement, more specifically, customer engagement,” says Alejandro, “I have different examples from different clients to show when different forces create digital disruption”.

The businesses can ignore the five forces if they want to, but this choice may be very costly in the current tech environment. “The new technologies are evolving so quickly that ignoring the changes has a negative impact on the organization,” explains Alejandro, “If the company overlooks the forces, its rivals can develop a competitive advantage or better engagement strategy with the customers.” In other words, lack of attention to the forces can cause disruption for a company. “When you are ignoring the forces, you need to understand the consequences,” concludes Alejandro.

The speaker is no stranger to IT market in CEE region, and finds it very perspective. “There is a huge demand and opportunities in Eastern Europe, and it is essential for the local companies to learn the five forces,” says Alejandro, “This way, they know how to position their products before Western partners and advertise them.”

Alejandro has visited Lviv twice, so third Lviv IT Arena will also be the third visit to the city for him. “I am very excited about coming here,” he says, “I hope the topic is interesting so it gives listeners some practical advice and ideas.”