EcoHike App Launched in Ukraine Today

01 Aug, 2019

Ukrainian engineers of the international company GlobalLogic have created an application EcoHike, which helps to fix the trash problem and illegal logging. Today, the application was launched across the country. The first trash marks have already appeared in the Carpathians, Kyiv, and Lviv.

“The more we go to the mountains, the more we notice how dirty they are. On the hike to Homiak mountain, our colleagues realized one exasperating thing. There is so much trash that only one group of tourists can not clean it. Therefore, we have decided to build this application,” says Yury Golovanov, GlobalLogic consultant, EcoHike project lead.

With the help of the EcoHike app, engineers want to unite activists, travelers, and everyone who cares about the fate of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Besides, the app will provide users with several functions at the same time.  EcoHike could serve as a kind of social network, an offline map and, of course, a platform where polluted areas are marked.

“The apps functionality is rather basic. If you spot trash on your hike in the mountains, you can immediately mark it, add location, upload photos. Currently, our application only shows the problem, but we hope that it will encourage people to contribute to solving it. We want to make life easier for active people. They can upload EcoHike, and look for dirty places on the map,” explains Yury Golovanov.

Thanks to the app, travelers can make their way back through the marked places, taking away trash.

“The application is currently operating in Ukraine, but we might expand our services to Europe as well. By the way, EcoHike has an offline mode, and you can download the map to your phone. It works like,” comments Yury Golovanov, GlobalLogic consultant, the EcoHike project lead.

EcoHike is an internal project of GlobalLogic. Its development and testing took almost a year.

“Our engineers love mountains, so we have developed EcoHike for anyone who wants to clean the Carpathians. We believe that Ukrainians can do incredible things together,” adds Denys Balatsko, Vice President of Engineering, Leader of the GlobalLogic Lviv office.

The EcoHike app was officially launched on August, 1. It’s available for free download on the Ukrainian App Store and Google Play.