EdPro: The Startup that Makes Education more Interesting

10 Aug, 2017

Learning at school can be more interesting and exciting. Lviv company EdPro launched several progressive educational tech projects to help Ukrainian schools to innovate their education and to make students more interested.

EdPro created three different products under one brand: an interactive panel EdPro Touch, an educational software MozaBook and EdPro Amperia, a constructor for the school’s Physics lessons.

EdPro Touch is a new generation interactive panel that comes in different sizes. It can replace old devices, like the school boards, projectors, wall screens, and computers. All models of the panel can recognize 20 different touches at the same time. The teachers can use these panels to show the students presentations, videos, graphics or pictures during the lessons. Students can also use the panel to solve some exercises, write, edit or paint.

MozaBook – is a software that is created specifically for this interactive panel. A teacher can use all possible visual materials during the lessons – 3D objects, pictures, graphics, video, etc. The learning materials are created by Hungarian company Mozaik and EdPro is now in the process of translating it to Ukrainian. The company also organizes masterclasses for teachers to demonstrate them how to use the panel effectively with all the software and interactive elements.

The device is very intuitive and easy to use for students, because they are very active smartphone and tablet users nowadays, – explains Andriy Tbachyn, co-founder of EdPro. Through the interactive software, the panel becomes even more progressive –  it does not just replace a school board, projector, or wall screen, but also replaces all education visual materials like 3D models of skeletons, for example, or microscopes and even books.”

The content of MozaBook consists of books on different school subjects, videos, 3D objects, interactive exercises, animations, and pictures. Such visual content is supposed to help the students to understand and remember new information better, and to help teachers to take control over the process – it’s possible to stop, repeat, rewind the content, etc. Moreover, every word can be translated immediately with one touch to other languages, which will also help to learn international languages during the lessons of Physics, Math or Biology. The translation to Ukrainian will be finished by the end of this year. A few schools in Lviv and in other Ukrainian cities have already ordered the EdPro Touch panels.

EdPro Amperia – is a constructor for the practical (or laboratory) electronic lessons at schools. The project launched two years ago and is now going into mass production. The constructor offers a lot of innovations that have never been used in these devices before. It also includes smart measuring gadgets and power supplies. The students can create working schedules, do experiments, measure different magnitudes and better understand the subject.

Our kids use very old devices at school during Physics. It inspired us to look for some alternatives on the market in this field, but we didn’t find anything. This is how our idea was created – to make a colorful  constructor. It’s like basic Physics, but with a new vision. We really want to see the new equipment in Ukrainian schools. EdPro Amperia could make a breakthrough in modern education, and Ukrainian students will be the first to use it” – says Andriy Tabachyn.

The constructor is planned to be finished by the end of this year. It was already tested in schools in Lviv, and underwent some improvements.