Lviv IT Cluster Educational Programs. How to Join?

06 Jul, 2018

Enrollment campaign at higher educational institutions in Ukraine is to start on July, 12. For those interested in computers and IT we suggest getting acquainted with the innovative degree programs in Lviv universities. Lviv IT Cluster has helped to update the curricula for all of the programs listed below, involving qualified IT professionals and university professors in this process. The learning process is devoted to creating student projects, teamwork, studying professional courses and English.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Where: Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Computer Technologies and Metrology, Department of Computerized Automation Systems, Specialty Computer Science (№122), Educational Program (specialization) “System engineering (Internet of Things).”

Bachelor’s program Internet of Things (IoT) is the first innovative program that was developed by academics in cooperation with IT experts with support from Lviv IT Cluster. IoT has started in 2016 and it now successfully involves 48 second-year students and 65 first-year students, who often take prizes in various hackathons and startup competitions. Internet of Things is an industry that develops home appliances, so-called “smart things,” which get more features when connected to the Internet. Students of the program, in addition to programming, mathematics, physics, electronics and electrical engineering, also study how to create and present their projects and how to work in teams. In March of this year, IoT Lab has opened the lab where students can create their own devices and “smart” things on their own.

More info on the program’s website and Facebook page.

  • Artificial Intelligence Systems

Where: Lviv Polytechnic National University. Institute of Computer Technologies and Metrology, Department of Computerized Automation Systems, Specialty Computer Science (№122), Educational Program (specialization) “Artificial Intelligence.”

The Artificial Intelligence Systems Program has started in September last year. Currently, 123 students are successfully studying the program. Artificial intelligence is a part of computer science, where the computer is taught to think on the principle of the human brain, that is, to learn on the basis of a significant amount of data, to recognize things, objects, language, to look for interrelations among data groups, to systematize and analyze them, and to build predictions. Students of the AI program offer innovative subjects, including human-machine interaction, machine learning, data visualization, robotics, etc., artificial intelligence methods, and from the first year, students will learn to develop their projects.

More info on the program’s website and Facebook page.

  • Data Science & Intelligent Systems

Where: Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Faculty of electronics and computer technologies, Specialty Informational Systems and Technologies (№126)

Innovational educational program Data Science & Intelligent Systems has started in September last year. These are four separate study specializations, united by one name. 45 students are enrolled in this program; one student has received a scholarship from the WNISEF International Foundation, which covers tuition fees for the first two years. The first year, students study the primary subjects common to all areas: higher mathematics, discrete mathematics, algorithms and data structures, programming and object-oriented programming. Also, in the first year, students learn to work in a team and present their projects. And in the second year, they will be able to choose their future profile from 4 areas: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Internet of Things, and Smart Solutions. Students will have the opportunity to have their summer practice in IT companies and to participate in thematic summer camps.

More info on the program’s website and Facebook page.

  • Data Science & Computer Science

Where: Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Specialty of System Analysis (№124), Educational Program (specialization) Intellectual Data Analysis (Data Science) and system analysis. Specialty Computer Science (№122), Educational Program (specialization) of Informatics”.

Both modernized programs (Data Science and Computer Science) were launched in September last year. The IT specialists also worked on the programs, together with representatives of the university. 113 students are studying in the Computer Science program, and 53 students – in Data Science. At the end of the first year, students of Data Science will choose one of two specializations (System Analysis or Intellectual Data Analysis). Data Science is a multidisciplinary field of computer science that studies data analysis methods to obtain as much information and knowledge as possible. Science is closely linked with such spheres as machine learning, artificial intelligence, extensive data, and so on. In the summer, students will practice in Lviv IT companies, where they will work with IT specialists on specific projects.

More info here.

  • Robotics

Where: Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Computer Technologies, Automation and Metrology, Department of Information and Measurement Technologies, Specialization Information-measuring technologies (№152), Educational Program (specialization) Robotics.

The Robotics Bachelor Program is a new curriculum to be started in September 2018. The goal of the Robotics Professional Bachelor Program is to prepare Specialists of Robotics, which is the 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), who can develop, program and manage robots, built-in devices, and computerized systems. One of the most significant advantages of the specialty when compared to traditional IT specialties, is the close combination of experience with software and hardware. In addition to general disciplines in computer science and electronics, such as: Fundamentals of programming, digital circuitry, robotics and control theory, sensory and measuring technologies, students will study Web technologies, will develop mobile software, learn to program microcontrollers, and design computerized and robotic systems (robots, drones, intelligent sensors and smart homes).

More info on the program’s website and Facebook page.

  • Business Analysis & Data Science

Where: Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Computer Science and Informational Technology, Department of Informational Systems and Networks, Specialty System Analysis (№124).

The Bachelor Program in Business Analysis & Data Science is a new curriculum, which is scheduled to start in September 2018. The educational program is based on applied mathematical disciplines, modern information technologies and specific disciplines focused on the study of current theories of management, decision-making, mathematical and computational methods, computer simulation, techniques and technologies of business analysis and machine learning for the construction of a wide range of modern software systems. The first two years will provide coeducation, and from the third year, students can choose from three areas: Business Analysis (BA), Data Science (DS), and Business Intelligence (BI).

More info on the program’s website and Facebook page.

  • Cybersecurity programs

Where:  Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Computer Technologies, Automation and Metrology, Department of Informational Security, Specialty Cyber Security (№125), Specialization “Administration of Cybersecurity Systems.”

Where:  Lviv State University of Life Safety, Educational and Scientific Institute of Civil Protection, Department of Information Security Management, Specialty Cyber Security (№125).

This year, Lviv IT Cluster launches two more undergraduate programs in a critical direction – Cybersecurity. Starting in September, the programs will be implemented in Lviv Polytechnics and Lviv State University of Life Sciences. During the time of hacker cyberattacks and massive computer viruses, theft of data and speculation in information, the field of data protection systems and networks are particularly relevant. The renovation of the curriculum in the Lviv Polytechnics took place on the newly developed specialization “Administration of Cybersecurity Systems,” which students can choose after their first year of study. The study of professional disciplines will provide students with a deeper understanding of the basic concepts of the modern idea of cybersecurity, systemic data protection issues, and software.

The training program at LSU will prepare future cybersecurity engineers (SecOps). The program provides for the qualitative training of a specialist who will be able to work in IT companies and other enterprises in positions related to the protection of information in computer networks and information security. The cybersecurity engineer knows the main provisions of information security, has theoretical and practical skills in building secure computer networks, can test for penetration into computer networks and analyze their protection against harmful influences.

More info about the Lviv Polytechnic University program: website and Facebook page; LSU program: website and Facebook page.

  • Computer Science Programs: Computer Science and IT & Business Analytics

Where:  Ukrainian Catholic University, Faculty of Applied Sciences

These are two bachelor’s programs at Ukrainian Catholic University which prepare leaders of the field who will change Ukraine’s and the world’s present and future. The programs have been developed with the thought of providing students not only with fundamental knowledge of computer sciences, but with help of developing ethical, business-oriented, and communicative skills.

The Computer Science program (specialty 122 – Computer science and informational technologies) is chiefly focused on the technical component and provides three specializations: software engineering, artificial intelligence, and human-machine interaction. On the other hand, IT and Business Analytics Program (specialty 124 – System analysis) is focused on the usage of applied information technology to the needs of modern business, in particular, for the analysis of business processes and their automation.

The programs are characterized by the in-depth study of English by teaching separate courses in English and by participation in summer English school. The lectures are lead by the international partners of UCU and well-known professionals from top companies of Lviv, Ukraine, the world.

More details on the website and Facebook.

  • Programs at IT Step University

Where: IT Step University

IT Step University is the first private IT-university in Ukraine that is specialized in IT-education. Educational programs are the unique author’s techniques which have received a high rating of the IT industry, and the instructors are the practicians from the biggest Ukrainian IT companies. The university trains bachelors and masters in specializations which are relevant in the IT market. The university offers 5 innovative bachelor’s programs – Web Programming, Web Design, Computer Networks and Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, Software Development; also, there are 4 master’s programs – Large Data Analysis and Processing, Large Data Modeling, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence. Upon completion, students will receive a higher education diploma, as well as obtain international certificates from industry leaders, Microsoft, Cisco, Autodesk, Oracle, Google.

More info here