EduFund – Support Educational Programs for $1 per Month

10 Nov, 2021

Thanks to the new EduFund project, anybody may now contribute to higher tech education in Lviv. The subscription’s easy feature allows you to pay a personal monthly donation in a convenient amount 1, 10, 20, 50, or $100. This money will be used to fund educational programs of Lviv IT Cluster at three local universities. Companies can also contribute to the development of educational initiatives by subscribing to one of three categories: Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

A donation equal to the cost of one coffee, a month’s Netflix subscription, or a gym membership may help to develop higher education in Lviv. This is the first initiative within the Cluster’s educational program IT Expert targeted at raising individual donations. It enables every citizen to demonstrate personal social responsibility.

Lviv IT Cluster’s educational direction is concerned with the reformation and development of innovative educational programs, the arrangement of modern labs and spaces, and providing support for students who are willing to become future IT professionals.

EduFund is the educational fund of Lviv IT Cluster. The purpose of the educational fund is to help universities improve their technical basis for providing practical skills to students of our educational programs within the IT Expert project. The overarching goal is that everyone can become an investor and contribute to the advancement of higher education.

Currently, Lviv IT Cluster collaborates with three universities: Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Lviv Polytechnic National University, and Lviv State University of Life Safety. Each educational fund benefactor will be able to invest in the advancement of education. Some types of benefactors will be able to pick and subscribe to one or more educational programs from the 17 existing innovative Bachelor’s programs that are effectively functioning at these universities.

Subscription details:

Subscription categories on the project website include “Student”, “Dean”, “Vice Rector”, “Rector”, and “Minister of Education”; each of them has a specific amount that can be invested into the fund. Each person who will subscribe for a per month, or more will be able to become an investor and get certain Lviv IT Cluster incentives. The benefactor’s photos will be featured on the fund’s website.

Special conditions have also been created for Cluster’s member companies to donate.

Distribution of donations:

It has previously been stated that some subscription categories would enable benefactors to choose the educational programs they want to fund in. There is a selection option in the “Rector” and “Minister of Education” categories. The remaining donations from contributors or IT companies will be dispersed separately based on the needs of each program. The organizers will decide where to invest funds on their own: for the purchase of essential equipment, the establishment of additional laboratories, the purchase of licensed software, and so on. It should be noted that more than 4,000 students are now getting a degree within the Cluster’s educational programs. Three modern laboratories have already opened due to the partnership of IT companies, universities, and investors. The funds invested in EduFund will hasten the process of upgrading technical education in Lviv.

The amount given by the benefactors will be updated regularly on the website. Reports on expenditures may be received by contacting the project’s manager, Khrystyna Horbas, or by following the news on the Lviv IT Cluster’s website.

“I am happy that our community is continuously developing, and by launching and expanding initiatives like EduFund we demonstrate our interest in the future of IT professionals in Lviv. The educational fund is a necessity that we have implemented into reality. I believe that our organization will be supported by many concerned people who have the chance to invest and help enhance the future of the IT industry together,” commented Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO of Lviv IT Cluster.

The EduFund initiative is officially launched. Contact Julia Tsymbala, the education department head, to learn how you may help a new project: