IT Expert: teaching is easy

10 Oct, 2016

Lviv IT Cluster has just started a new season of its educational project IT Expert. Experts from Lviv IT companies have a unique chance to try themselves as teachers.

The ultimate goal of IT Expert is for students of technical specialties to get a chance to meet professionals and get their first practical experience.

Cooperation with experts works in the following way: a person chooses a subject, which they want to visit as an expert. After that experts give one or more classes. These can be either lectures or practical classes.

For IT-experts participating in this project – is an opportunity to develop their teaching skills, try themselves as trainers and practice public speaking.

Last year more than 20 experts took part in the project, and all of them got free tickets to one of the biggest tech-events in Easter Europe – Lviv IT Arena, which is another reason why to participate in the project.

To become an IT expert, please, register and choose subjects you would like to teach.

Don’t miss a chance to develop Ukrainian education together with Lviv IT Cluster.

Become IT Expert!