ELEKS’ Data Science Office has Reached the Finals at This Year’s Computing AI & Machine Learning Awards

28 Apr, 2022
The Computing AI & Machine Learning Awards recognise the best companies, individuals, and projects in the AI space today.

The awards cover every corner of the industry: security, ethics, data analysis, innovation and more, as well as showcasing the movers and shakers: the technology heroes and projects that deserve industry-wide praise.

“No project can succeed without the effort and application of talented individuals. This award will go to the team that is working, or has worked within the last 12 months, on an AI/ML project. Judges will want to hear about the business benefits of the project, as well as how it uses AI/ML,” Awards founders admit.

“Data science has been known already for a long time for its innovative approach and complicated technologies and as an area where synergy, expertise, and cross-domain knowledge are essential. Therefore, the work of one individual specialist on the project differs a lot from the teamwork. After all, support and help in the team and continuous knowledge exchange are critical to joint success in this area. Given this, we are delighted to be among the finalists of the Computing Awards in the nomination “AI / ML Team of the Year”, being selected by a jury of many worthy teams. We achieved this result thanks to the constant development of our expertise since 2013 and many successful projects, demos, examples of technology and academic work completed and those we are working on now,” said Volodymyr Hetmansky, Head of Data Science Office at ELEKS.