ELEKS is a Leader Among Family-Friendly IT Companies

03 Nov, 2021
Recently, ELEKS took first place among family-friendly IT companies, according to the rating of the CSR Ukraine commissioned by UNFPA Ukraine. In the general rating, ELEKS takes 2nd place. In total 50 companies from 16 sectors of the economy took part in the study.

 Companies were evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Corporate culture
  • Workplace and work schedule
  • Social support program for employees with families
  • Material support programs for employees with families

The study also analyzed the ability of employees to combine work in the company and family affairs, especially the care of children and family members in need of care, support for the families of employees, as well as programs that help provide these opportunities.

The ranking includes companies that adhere to corporate work-life balance policies, gender equality policies, have responsible parenting programs, and more. The organizers noted Kids month, which is held by ELEKS (a month dedicated to the children of employees, which includes gifts for children depending on their age category and English / art / logic classes, etc.).