Empowering Women Hackathon: 15 startups for 48 hours

06 Nov, 2018
For the second year in a row, N-iX  and Garage 48  organize empowering women hackathon, which is aimed to encourage women to take part in IT business. Garage48 Lviv 2018 Empowering Women Hackathon  – an event, which gathered all the girls, who have their ideas and struggle with its realization. 16 teams of future unicorns came to take part in the hackathon and compete for the valuable prizes.

Garage48 Empowering Women Hackathon – is a series of international hackathons from the Estonian organization Garage 48. As a country with the biggest number of unicorn startups per capita, Estonia took initiative to encourage startup development around the world. The organization holds hackathons in Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldova, Finland, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. More than 100 participants gathered at the Lviv Empowering Women Hackathon, half of who were women. In the process of brainstorming, 17 teams were formed 15 of which got to the finals and presented their projects on Sunday, at the 4th of November.  .

During the last few years, the amount of powerful women in business has drastically grown. To sustain the positive tendency Garage 48 and Archimedes Foundation came to Lviv, to inspire Ukrainian women to take an active part in entrepreneurship. For 48 hours hackathon teams had to prove the viability of their ideas, convince other participants of the hackathon to join their teams, to work on a business model, marketing strategy, build a minimum viable product, create a customer journey map and pitch the project in front of the international jury.      
“The first Empowering Women hackathon in Lviv did its job well led to a cumulative growth in women-generated ideas and applications as we could clearly see in this one. This proves that it’s not just a good idea to make IT community diverse but there’s also a real demand for diversity,” stated Andrew Pavliv, one of Garage 48 mentors and jury members, CEO and Founder of N-iX.

During that two days, teams were working on different ideas, like a web-platform for students-volunteers, a propaganda-detecting app, Airbnb for beauty salons, an NGO based app to connect animal lovers and others.


The winners of the hackathon:

SafeRoad – the main idea of the startup is to make the roads safer through a face tracking application. Their solution can detect when the driver is tired and about to fall asleep, so the alarm goes on and suggests the driver stop and rest for a while.

The team got awarded with €1000 + All-inclusive travel to Estonia, supported by Archimedes and Study in Estonia and IT Arena 2019 tickets from Lviv IT Cluster.

Andriy Vahniy from SafeRoad explained that the team came up with the idea on Friday night as a result of another participant suggesting them to go and pitch an idea as well. The team members knew each other and they were there to join other teams but they ended up forming their very own team and working on the winner idea. “We took a risk, got in the mood and surely had a lot of fun in the process,” he stated. All members seemed positively surprised to see how things turned out for them.

Jaanika Merilo, mentor and the angel of the Ukrainian economy, confidently stated that SafeRoad is a great example to prove that a real product with real impact can be built in only 48 hours. “Even in short time you can do magic.” she underlined.

CupDivide the team, who worked on an AI-based mobile app that would collect and analyze your nutrition needs based on face scanning as well as lifestyle data based on your past activities. They want to connect it with a delivery service to offer one healthy meal per day at least.

The team got awarded with 2 tickets to Startup Day 2019, along with a chance to pitch on the stage. All flight and accommodation tickets will be covered.

Look& a team, which is designing an app with smart suggestions on the outfit ideas. The key feature was that it scans all the clothes you have in your closet and makes cool, matching suggestions accordingly, by also considering weather status.
The team got awarded with free tickets to IT Arena 2019, supported by Lviv IT Cluster

Chichi. Their idea was to build an Airbnb format for beauty salons. In other words, a mobile app for searching and booking beauty services. The team got awarded with 2 tickets + exclusive place at the Startup Alley at IT Arena 2019.

The third hackathon for women entrepreneurs will be held in December in Kharkiv