IT Expert: Education Among the Most Valued Spheres

27 Apr, 2016

Students at Lviv Polytechnic are lucky: we not only co-organize a new Bachelor’s Program on Internet of Things at the university, but also involve IT experts to have lectures for the students. Two professionals, Taras Romanyk and Serhiy Shelpuk, spoke with future engineers. To learn more about IT Expert opportunities and the things successful students should know, read our article.

Taras Romanyk is a Technical Lead at Conscensia. He met with sophomores of the Institute of Computer Science and Information Technology and spoke about the necessity to study algorithms. Taras also explained when it was best not to use them. The lecturer spoke about the practical usage of algorithms in his work and professional tasks.

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“People who understand what they do set the trend, and the majority follows the trend. Many programmers follow these rules, but they do not know why; they simply use somebody else’s advice,” he says. Taras described a good programmer. “This person understands what and why one is doing, and can solve complex problems the others cannot,” he adds.

“If you see that something is done badly, make sure that your new approach can fix the situation before using it,” advises the expert. According to Taras, the older technology is, the better it works since algorithms are stored in libraries, where everything is done before us. “With new technologies or their intersections, we have to reinvent the wheel,” he adds.

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Expert in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, LITS lecturer Serhiy Shelpuk also delivered a lecture for future engineers. He spoke about the current state of artificial intelligence and its important unit, machine learning. Serhiy also described the new inventions and achievements in the field. Students learned what to expect in the near future and how the artificial intelligence worked on practice.

“I was very happy that the teachers and students at Lviv Polytechnic were interested in this area,” says Serhiy. He adds: “I always try to find time for educational projects. I believe that education is among the most important spheres in the modern world. “