IT Expert helps students manage their university time

21 Jun, 2016

What is it like to program with Smart Watches and create the programs for them?  Anton Minashkin, the expert at Epam, gave the students insights on these topics. He met with juniors at Information Systems and Networks Department of Lviv Polytechnic University and shared with them his advice on education and working in IT. How to use university time effectively, read in our article.

“I managed to both study and teach in the university, so I saw the educational problems from two perspectives. Probably, the biggest problem is the lack of connection between education and work. With the help of IT Expert, I can improve this situation and make lives easier for students after graduation,” says Anton.

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During the lecture, Anton spoke about Android Wear and realities of mobile development now. In particular, he focused on the advantages and disadvantages of such devices, as well as the process of creating programs for them. He also shared his experience of getting his first job.

“When I was at university, I always lacked time. In addition to my studies, I was engaged in various projects and tried to work in the sphere, so many lectures went past me,” continues Anton, «I would have more time if there was a smaller workload in non-core subjects.”

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Anton started working as a programmer right after the first year in the university, and he always tried to engage in as many practical projects during his studies as possible.  Thanks to this, he gained enough practical skills in university.

Anton met with students as part of IT Expert, which aims to organize lectures of IT practitioners for students. Lviv IT Cluster provides students with the opportunity to talk with experts and learn from them the professional skills worth working on during their studies. Learn more about the project on our website.