IT Expert: School Edition – a Year of Modernized Informatics Program in Lviv Schools

IT Expert: School Edition is an educational project started by Lviv IT Cluster and the Digital Learning training center in October last year. Within the project, an updated informatics program was launched in five educational institutions in Lviv. The initiative aims to provide students with more practical and up-to-date expertise in information. Local tech experts took part in workgroups when modernizing the program.  
Students of five educational institutions, namely Leader School, Prosvita Lyceum, Lviv Lyceum, Classical Gymnasium, and Ivan Puluj Lyceum, have tried the modernized program. In total, 180 students of 14 classes take part in the project.

“I like that our lessons are very detailed. Every new topic takes a few lessons. We are focusing on something new compared to switching from one topic to another as we used to do previously. During our last class, for example, we learned CSS styles and started to use them in practice. I can ask the teacher everything any time, and I will get the answer. I want to become a software engineer in the future; especially I’m interested in learning more about AI,” says Pavlo Karpinskyi, a 7th-grade student from Lviv Lyceum.

The new informatics program combines practical experience and meets the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine requirements, providing learning in small groups and an individual approach to each student. Modern tools and cloud technologies are used in the educational process. The basis of student performance assessment is a practical result, a project that students work on during the year.

“Within the new informatics program, I like that I study what I will need in the future. The teacher gives us many practical tasks and helps when something is unclear,” comments Yaromyr Zholinsky, a 7th-grade student from Lviv Lyceum.

Together with Digital Learning, Lviv IT Cluster helps students better understand the world of IT and make the teaching process more interactive, allowing students to learn modern programs, editors, and programming languages.

“On the updated lessons, the teacher explains information in more detail. Sometimes after the lesson, there are still many questions, but I can always get a detailed answer. And, in my opinion, we get more practical skills. Now, for example, we are learning how to create a questionnaire with the help of HTML,” – Maria Kabachna, 9th grade, Prosvita Lyceum.

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