IT Expert: why IT specialists want to teach students

24 Jan, 2017

At Lviv IT Cluster every IT professional can become an Expert and share their knowledge with students from technical faculties. For example, recently two representatives from DataArt have delivered lectures at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

Kateryna Anastasova visited the course Project Management in IT at the Faculty of Electronics, while Olena Shestakovych – Web-technologies and Web-design at the same faculty.

Both of them enjoyed the teaching process. Students were excited to listen to their presentations, they say:

I delivered a lecture at a non-core course (talked about design at the technical faculty), but everyone listened attentively. The lecture was interesting for them, especially, the way I presented the material has received a lot of positive feedback (I used slides with funny pictures and minimum text)” – shares her impressions Olena Shestakovych.

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According to Kateryna Anastasova, her students have also been good listeners and actively participated in the discussion. However, you are never too old to learn:

Maybe some of the applied topics could be more interesting for them (Dev, QA, DevOps) because of easier market entry and a bigger number of vacancies. Anyway, I believe that with PM (Project and Product Management) you can also start working, there is a market for that too” – she says.

To make the maximum use of these lectures for students, experts communicate with teachers beforehand. They explain, at what learning stage the students are at the moment and give advice on how to approach them. All in all, this is also a great experience for teachers too.

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In total, everyone benefits from participation in IT Expert project: students – get new knowledge, practical skills as well as get motivated to be successful similar to IT Experts; teachers – have an opportunity to communicate with people with practical expertise; Experts – develop their public speaking and teaching skills, and what is more important – contribute to the development of IT education.

It was interesting to try myself as a teacher (a long-forgotten role), tell students about opportunities, – says Kateryna Anastasova. I thought that I would have enjoyed it if I were a student. For instance, to see how it happens in reality, where I should look and what to choose from”.

The reasons why Olena Shestakovych took part in the project were pretty similar:

I decided to get involved in the project because I recalled my university studies, and how interesting it was to listen to the alumni who were already working in the field. University education in Ukraine does not always go in hand with the progress, subjects are often outdated, and these meetings were as a breath of fresh air. I felt like I have something I could share with students and that my lecture could be useful for them”.

For the record, more and more IT professionals express willingness to improve education in Lviv, since that’s what the quality of future IT employees depends on. Therefore, this is one of the priority directions in which Lviv IT Cluster is working.

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