IT Expert: Lviv University students created their own Team Viewer analogue

04 Aug, 2016

Remote Support is a program that allows controlling computers and solving business problems remotely. This is a result of semester work by juniors at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of Lviv University. During the semester, the students worked together with Epam expert Oleh Hrynyk to make the project happen.

Remote Support allows monitoring what happens with other computers in the network. The program is useful to companies with multiple offices as it allows technical professionals to solve problems remotely. It is also convenient for the information exchange since workers can share their screens with one another.

Students created their project from scratch. In particular, they wrote the algorithms for sending data, which vary depending on speed. Remote Support team consists of only five people, although similar projects often involve much more experienced developers.

“I joined the project because I like it. I have long wanted to teach, and I also lead different trainings,” says Oleh Hrynyk, who mentored the students. According to him, the students’ project in some ways even surpasses its analogue, Team Viewer, thanks to the design the students also developed from scratch. He adds: the students managed to implement the project thanks to their own motivation, and many of them continue working on it in their Bachelor’s thesis. Most of the team members already work in IT companies.

“Universities focus on self-learning a lot, so after graduation, students have to continue studying while working,” Oleh continues, “There are many nuances the students cannot learn in school like the specifics of team work, completing difficult tasks one does not have solutions to, or communicating with customers who do not understand English well.”

According to Oleh, students can solve very complex practical problems if they have the desire, but they still lack mentors. “Students want to learn, but they often do not know where to go to,” he says, “During this semester, I mentored the students, and this kind of practice is necessary for Ukrainian universities.”

Oleh is impressed with the students for managing such a complex and necessary project. He plans to continue working with the university next semester.